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Digital Marketing Will Grow Your Business

Let us grow your business with digital marketing that brings customers to your doorstep. You’re here because you want a digital marketing solution that works. Viridian Geeks is a reliable Atlanta digital marketing agency that gives you the power to grow your business and make more money effortlessly.

Higher Visibility

Digital marketing is the easiest way to promote your business online. You’ll power your search engine presence through SEO and dazzle your customers with elegant, gorgeous web designs.

More Traffic

Higher visibility on Google means more people will find your website locally and see all the products and services you have to offer.

Increased Sales

More traffic to your website expands your money-making opportunities. People will trust you and therefore want to buy your products and services now!

Digital Marketing Services Packed with Features

Yes, you’ll get all this and more with our digital marketing services in Metro Atlanta!

Web Design

Unlimited Revisions
Mobile, Tablet, PC, Mac
FREE HD Photography
6-Month Guarantee


Top Keyword Rankings
Increase Sales & Revenue
Monthly Reporting
Location Tracking


FREE Domain
FREE SSL Certificate
FREE Technical Support
FREE Change Request

Here’s some of our work

Our sites our custom built and developed by our local team of web designers, SEO experts and Mad Scientist.

digital marketing solutions in atlanta
digital marketing specialist in atlanta

Do You Need a Digital Marketing Company?

Your customers are online

It’s an inescapable reality that your customers are looking for you online. We can help them find you easier with our digital marketing services that help people connect with your brand.

You deserve to earn more

You want to work with a company that helps you attain success and achieve your business goals. Through digital marketing, we’ll build a website that grows your customers.

Local comes first

Digital marketing helps to get your business out there to people in your local area. Our services focus especially on helping you gain more visibility through our local SEO strategies.

Start Making More Money Now!

We offer the best customer service from a 100% all American-based team. To help sweeten the deal, we’ve provided answers to some questions we’ve received from people who needed more business.

What makes Viridian Geeks different?
Our clients love us because we are always willing to spend lots of time and effort upfront into everything we do. We don’t believe in overcharging you for items you don’t need just to squeeze extra pennies from your checkbook. When there’s a specific problem with your website we discover, we immediately fix it and don’t leave issues by the wayside. Another reason our clients love us so much is due to our approach to being transparent about all the issues we fix for them, and the positive impact these changes have on their search engine ranking and traffic.
How long is the turnaround for my new website?
We can have your site done within 72 hours (business days, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm weekdays). Our team starts the moment we receive a deposit, and the billing has cleared in our system.
How do I get started?
Simply give us a call or we’ll call you the next business day, to discuss the details we need to get started on your site. Our streamlined process makes it easy. Send us your text, logos and images if you have them. If not we will a vast library of images to make your site awesome!
Do you provide other services that can promote or market my website?
Absolutely! Viridian Geeks offers social media management and search engine marketing . Our service level packages are highly affordable and effective. We take special effort in creating content that represents  your business.
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