Facebook is full of opportunities to reach new customers and not having an a company account on the website could set your online marketing efforts back big time. It’s not just for posting cute pictures of your dog or cat or chatting with family and friends. The website is a vehicle for many businesses to brand themselves and to forge strong customer relationships. You could be making one of the biggest mistakes by not taking the time to optimize your company’s Facebook profile page fully.

Here are ten simple ways you can optimize the company profile on Facebook. Our digital marketing professionals have used these tactics before and seen great results the clients they’ve worked with.

1. Fill In Your About Us Section

A lot of businesses make the mistake of not adding anything to the About Us section of their Facebook page. It would seem intuitive to fill this part out, but we’ve seen many barren Facebook profiles without this information. The description you write here has to be brief as you can only fit 150 characters, so you really have to focus on making it count. A good example of an About Us description which could work for your business would be something like this:

“Viridian Geeks is a local Atlanta digital marketing agency specializing in SEO copywriting, web design, and web development services for small businesses.”

This About Us description above briefly describes what the company does and what its main services are. Google will index the Facebook page and sometimes also display what you write here as part of the meta description.

2. Post Job Listings on Your Profile

Now Facebook allows you to post job listings for people to see when they look for you. Click on the “Publish Job Post” button and fill out the information about the job and its requirements. You can also have the call-to-action button link back to the position on your website to help bring more people to your website. This will not directly impact the SEO of your website, but referral traffic from Facebook wouldn’t hurt either.

3. Use Hashtags on Your Facebook Posts

Hashtags help your business reach people who would have otherwise never known about who you are. They aren’t added to your posts for the sake of looking cool. Yes, there are some odd trends in hashtags out there sometimes (#GlitterBeards was actually a thing believe it or not), but there are legitimate uses for them as well.

We recommend adding hashtags which are based on the services and products your company offers. When you’re writing a social media post, add hashtags about the topic you’re talking about. For a pet food company talking about their latest discount in dog treats, such a post might look like this:

“We’re now offering a 20% discount on all Doggone Yummy brand #doggytreats. Shop for the best #dogfood only at PetBark!”

Don’t overdo the hashtags though. One or two in a single post will usually be enough to get people to find your content through Facebook.

4. Add Relevant Keywords

Just like with your website, you also need to make sure you use enough relevant keywords on various places of your Facebook company profile. Think about the main products and services your business offers and what kinds of customers you want looking for you and go from there. We have an article on how to do keyword research for SEO, SEM, and PPC you also might find useful which goes into this topic in much greater detail.

5. Use the Call to Action Buttons

When you get into Facebook Ads and even Boosted Posts, you will be able to select what call-to-action buttons you want for your posts. There seven different call-to-action buttons available which include “Learn More,” “Sign Up,” “Watch Video,” and “Contact Us.” Choose the call-to-action button which fits in with what your social media post is about or if you’re linking to a specific page on your website.

6. Add Your Business Details

Make sure the business details you have on your Facebook profile are consistent with what you may already have for your Google My Business listing and website. There are options to add your business hours and phone number. This comes in handy because you can also change the button on your Facebook page so people can directly call your business directly from their phones.

7. Add Your Services

Facebook has an option to add your services. This feature is especially useful for businesses selling products on an e-commerce shop. You will be able to add the name of your service and also list the price. There’s also a section to add a brief 200-word product description, and of course, you can add a photo of your product too!

8. Add an Appropriately Sized Cover Image

The ideal image size for a Facebook cover image is 820 pixels wide by 462 pixels tall. These image size requirements are there to keep your cover image looking great on both desktop and mobile devices. Facebook will automatically resize the image for users on smartphones and tablets. Make sure you use a cover photo where the image is sharp and visible. Low quality images will not look as good on your profile nor give off the most favorable impression of your business.

For the cover image itself, you can make it a picture of your team or one of your products as a start, though you are free to come up with whatever ideas make most sense for your brand. Work on making the typography, colors, and atmosphere align with what your audience wants, so you motivate them to take action on the page.

9. Use Facebook Messenger for Business

Customer service is a hallmark of every successful company. Now on Facebook, you can directly message your customers through Facebook’s Messenger for Business tool. Your customers can start a chat with your company, and they get notifications every time you respond to their messages. A lot of people feel more comfortable sending messages online rather than talking on the phone or coming to see you in person. There’s also Facebook Messenger ads which motivate people to talk with your brand as well.

10. Pick the Right Name for Your Facebook Page

Lastly, you don’t want to get too complicated with your Facebook page name. It should be simple and be about the name of your business. Don’t try to make it anything but. You have plenty of opportunities to be found for the right keywords elsewhere on the page as we have demonstrated in the post.


Billions of people now use Facebook to talk to their family and friends, stay updated on what’s going on in the world, and to connect with the businesses they care most about.

Now is your opportunity to be part of the conversation and connect with customers in ways that weren’t possible just a decade ago with all the new features Facebook has added. Implement these optimization tips for your Facebook company page, and you will see results. Just ask our digital marketing pros at Viridian Geeks how it’s done if you need any further guidance on what you need to do.

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