Social media use has gone through the roof in the last five years, and many businesses have made social media marketing a more prominent role in their digital marketing online. SEO and content marketing are also still valid digital marketing strategies to use for lead generation, but many of the latest trends in both fields have also pushed for more promotion of the content and websites, especially on social media.

Did you know that the average person spends up to 25 hours a week on social media? Divide that number by 7, and you will find that equates to around 3 hours a day!

These are the kinds of opportunities you need to capitalize on to grow your number of website leads. In this post, we’ll show you the ten guaranteed ways you can turn social media marketing into your best secret weapon for getting those website leads up.

Soon, you will be able to persuade more people on social media to go to your site and do what you want them to, whether it be downloading a new ebook you published or requesting a quote regarding your services. Whatever the case is, you shouldn’t leave potential gains on the table by adding social media marketing to your content marketing strategy.

1. Create Cool Infographics

Everyone’s different as to how they like to process information. Some people want to read blog posts, while others would prefer something more visual. You can use social media marketing tools like Canva to create well-designed infographics to support your content marketing campaigns on social media.

They’re a great way to boost the number of likes and engagement you can receive on LinkedIn and Facebook posts you want to create. Infographics especially help if you’re dealing with dryer subject matter and you want people to get more invested in the topic somehow.

2. Build a Community On Social Media

Set the groundwork for people who care about your products and services to have discussions about them and their experiences. On social media, you should occasionally create posts asking people to share their thoughts on a new product you’ve released to the public. Create surveys and polls on these social media websites to get a good feel for how people are feeling and what they want next from you. You can also set up groups on Facebook and LinkedIn and invite your customers to join and make posts as well. By doing all this, you’ll give people more incentive to learn about your business and brand and remain relevant too.

3. React to the News

Social media makes it easy to respond to the latest news events in a heartbeat, especially on Twitter. Look at your business and industry it’s in and start reading some of the most authoritative websites that apply most to what you do. Immediately jump on offering commentary on important news events and show your audience you’re a leader in your field. You can also do the same thing with your blog, but more people are going to be reading what’s on social media first. However, you can always make a more in-depth post on your blog and share a summary of what you talked about on social media, which will improve both your SEO and social media signals.

4. Participate in the Comments

Don’t just focus on making social media posts. A lot of the fun in being on social media is contributing to the conversation. Check to see what people are saying about your posts and make an effort to respond to them using your company social media profiles. Your company will be judged on how you take care of your customers in the comments. For more information on social media etiquette, take a look at this article on our website.

5. Offer Special Deals and Promotions

Social media gives you a chance to pitch special deals and promotions to your customers. You may want to create a discount code as a start and advertise it on your social media. Emphasize that the discount code will only be available for a limited time and that supplies won’t last. You can be as creative as you want with these promotions too. Instead of just offering a discount code, you can also think of a contest to convince people that buying your product or service would immediately benefit them. Make sure you have also set up conversion tracking on your website. In a situation like this, we recommend using Facebook Pixels for the job.

6. Create Referral Campaigns

To tap into people’s word-of-mouth habits, you can try launching a referral campaign on your social media network of choice. This is an excellent way for your business to persuade current customers to refer your business to their friends and family. Tell people you will also give them something in return if they refer a friend or family member to your company. A lot of successful businesses on social media will offer gift cards or $5-10 off a product or service. Many will also use referral campaigns to get more positive reviews on Yelp, TripAdvisor, the Better Business Bureau, and many other review websites. Referral marketing works best when you’ve already established your business as trustworthy with a great product.

7. Use Paid Social Media Advertising

Paid advertising also exists on many popular social media networks. Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Quora, and Snapchat all currently have advertising platforms you can use. If you have more of a budget to spare, it’s worth your time to spend some of that money on developing relevant content and use paid advertising on social media to direct it to people who would be most interested and get your posts seen more times than waiting for something to happen on its own.

8. Keep Creating New Posts

Set up a schedule each month for how many social media posts you’ll need. A realistic posting schedule might be to post every 2-3 days about something interesting your customers will like. Have a variety of different posts, so your posts don’t become monotonous to your audience. Use infographics, text, videos, and photos in your social media content and know when to mix it up to keep things fresh. Look at what your competitors are doing with their social media and also try to emulate them while keeping your brand unique and different.

9. Don’t Spam

Don’t be too aggressive with how you post content on social media. You’ll lose many people if you don’t provide much value in the content you’re creating and promoting. Always have a strategy as you’re building your social media presence and remember what people like to do on social media. They wouldn’t appreciate having their social media feeds cluttered with info about your products and services without any added benefit.

10. Share Links You Found Online

Lastly, you can share information you found with your audience. If you believe your audience will enjoy a link you found related to one of your products, by all means, go for it. Don’t worry if some of your posts don’t get as many likes or responses as you’d like. Social media marketing involves patience and lots of A/B testing to hit the right formula that will work. You’re going to boost your trustworthiness to your audience by linking to credible sources of information. There’s even potential for your business website to get some pretty sweet backlinks in the process!


It’s hard to ignore the impact social media marketing has had on content marketing. Now, it’s nearly an impossibility not to use social media in promoting your business online and generating more leads and sales. Don’t make the mistake of not leveraging social media marketing in your content marketing strategy.

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