Have you recently discovered the potential benefits of SEO and now want it performed for your website? It would seem with all the free resources available teaching people how to do SEO themselves that it might make sense for you to learn SEO yourself. However, if you’re a busy business owner with tons of things on your plate, learning SEO on top of everything else you’re doing to get the business off the ground is one more thing to worry about.

Not to mention it takes time to practice and apply the fundamentals of both on-page and off-page SEO. Then, you also have Google changing the SEO game every once in a while. It’s enough to drive anyone over the edge if they aren’t experienced in digital marketing or web design, both are necessary to get the most out of SEO.

Here are 20 reasons why it’s best to have a professional SEO company take care of SEO for your website. You’ll see why it’s the best option when you don’t have the time or experience to pour into SEO.

1. You Will Save Time

Time is what counts most for your business. Knowing where your priorities stand is vital to make sure your business is heading in the right direction. By outsourcing SEO to a team of experts who know what they’re doing, you won’t be spending hours reading through lengthy SEO guides or getting frustrated by how many professional SEO gurus in the industry have conflicting advice on what you should do for your business.

SEO should be customized and tailored to each business. A good SEO Specialist will be able to look at your industry, competitors, and craft an individual SEO strategy that will be best suited for your business.

2. You Don’t Have to Write Any Content Yourself

The added benefit of consulting with an SEO agency is that you’ll be working with professionals who also know copywriting really well. Copywriting for your website is figuring out the words that will go on your site and lead to the most amount of leads.

Our SEO professionals will come up with all the call-to-actions, headlines, and content your website visitors will see. You will also have a chance to review the content and website and give suggestions as to what you’d like. We won’t stop until your content and site are exactly the way you want it to be.

3. An Integrated Approach Will Be Taken

Nowadays, you need a lot of different parts working together to make the SEO magic happen. You need a mobile responsive website on WordPress built to work well on any device or browser. On top of that, someone has to go onto the website and install the Yoast SEO plugin, one of our favorite tools which makes SEO even more enjoyable and fun. This tool allows us to create more SEO-friendly content on your website which will rank better in Google’s search engine results.

After all, the content is created, and the website has been officially launched, our SEO professionals will also submit your site to Google, Bing, Yahoo, and many other search engines.

Your website will be indexed in a couple of days, and we’ll even set up position tracking in SEMRush so you can see how much your website SEO will improve per month.

4. We’ll Set Up Your Social Media For You

Google is more likely to rank your website for the keywords you want when you have social media profiles with information about your business filled in. We’ll create your accounts on LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, and more if your company doesn’t already have these profiles available.

It’s up to you whether you want to create the content for these social media profiles on your own or use our social media management & marketing services to get the job done, which we highly recommend as you’ll save more time and add more of a punch to your SEO without having to spend that much more.

5. We Have Experience and Social Proof

A danger with trying to find the right SEO company for your business is the potential to get scammed or ripped off. Numerous SEO companies claim to do SEO but will resort to using all sorts of harmful black-hat SEO practices which destroy website SEO. Unlike those companies, we have worked with many clients in the past and can show you examples of some of the results we’ve achieved.

Furthermore, you can also ask us to provide testimonials from those clients we’ve worked with. We’ve achieved our best results after rebuilding websites that had tons of technical SEO problems.

6. All the Technical Gunk Will Be Fixed

In many cases, websites don’t perform well in SEO because there are so many unaddressed problems on the technical side. Broken internal links, 404 errors, duplicate content, missing meta descriptions, duplicate H1 tags, and more cause your SEO to take a nosedive.

Just by fixing all of these problems, you can start seeing a difference in your website’s SEO in a few months. This is without having to create new content, although you must understand that content is what powers SEO the most. It is advised that you allow a professional SEO firm to work on creating new content for your website which will be free of all of these problems.

7. Better Standards in Content Curation

You can expect to have your website ready within 30-60 days depending on the size of your project. That gives our content marketers more time to nail the style, voice, and tone of your content much better than you’d find at a content mill.

Our content marketers will take the time to research your business, industry, and competitors. Based on what they see, they will create content based on their research and write it in a way where it will be both informative and convincing enough for people to make purchases on your website.

8. Monthly Reporting

To ensure your SEO is on the right track, you will get monthly reports about what was completed each month. You will be able to access new pages, blog posts, and other materials we create for your SEO strategy to see if our work matches your expectations, goals, and objectives. In the monthly report, you will also see how many technical SEO errors were corrected as well as any positive changes to your SEO and keyword rankings.

9. Expert Keyword Research

To us, keyword research is market research. It allows us to see what your competition is doing. We don’t just want to copy them, but we want to find gaps and potential opportunities your competition hasn’t tapped into so much. Keyword research is the most fundamental building block in SEO, SEM, and PPC marketing.

You can read more about how keyword research is performed for small businesses by reading our guide. With the keyword research strategy we use, you will get a realistic idea of what’s motivating people on search engines to click on competitor websites. Our SEO specialists will offer specific advice on what actions you should take in response.

10. Position Your Business as an Authority

You can build the right audience when your business appears to be a credible authority. SEO helps you do this by having the right keywords and content on your website your audience would find useful and relevant for their needs. SEO is about solving someone’s problem and getting your business noticed by the right people for the right keywords. After several months, you should see a difference in how many people are finding your website on Google.

11. Advanced SEO Tracking Tools are Used

For many people, navigating through Google Analytics and Google Search Console is a daunting headache. It’s no wonder most people get lost with these tools because there’s so much information available to sift through. Our SEO experts have tons of experience analyzing data with these tools and know what to look for in evaluating how well the SEO on your website is performing.

They look at click-through-rates, bounce rates, average pages per session, and the sources of your website traffic. They can even see what percentage of your traffic comes from Google and social media!

12. Latest SEO Trends are Followed

SEO is always changing, and you don’t have time to keep up with all the top SEO blogs in the business. That’s why our SEO experts are continually honing their craft by reading what the best experts in the field are saying. They also look at the updates Google launches and adjust their SEO strategies to consider these changes. You can read our article on the latest changes made to Google’s search guidelines as an example.

13. Natural Source of Lead Generation

SEO takes time, but it’s totally worth it once you start getting a steady amount of new leads each month. The best part is how little you have to pay to get these leads. There are no expensive sales teams to manage with this kind of lead generation.

You don’t have to pay someone a tremendous amount of commission to get these leads either. They come entirely from people searching for your business online.

You also save a fortune on pay-per-click advertising, which is okay to have at the beginning, but as your SEO becomes stronger with each month, it may not be as necessary to be spending as much on Google Ads or Facebook Ads after a while.

14. Dominate Local SEO

One of our specialties is focusing heavily on local SEO for your business. By going a step further than your competitors in this area, you will soon be able to get your source of steady leads quicker.

Local SEO also focuses on getting your website shown on Google Maps, which is why we also set up Google My Business for all our clients. For more information on local SEO, please check out our article on how you can dominate local SEO in Metro Atlanta.

15. All Work is Completed In House

A lot of SEO companies will completely farm out their work to other sources. We know of SEO agencies that outsource their entire content creation process to freelancers on the same content mills we’ve criticized, which explains all the typos and grammatical mistakes we saw on a potential client’s site a while back.

It was shocking to see how much of a poor job was done for this client because the work had been outsourced to third-parties. You’re not going to get the SEO results you want when an SEO company is shortchanging you like this.

16. Avoid Mistakes and Fix Them ASAP

Our SEO team likes to get things right as much as possible on the first try, and if there’s ever a problem, they work diligently to fix it quickly. When they work on client websites, they follow the best standard operating procedures to guarantee consistency and quality in the work that they produce.

Top tier grammar and proofreading tools are used to minimize errors and typos in the content created. If you ever spot a problem like this that we missed, let us know, and we’ll help you right away.

17. Link Building

Our SEO professionals believe that link building can be primarily achieved through social media marketing. We do have services available which concentrate on creating quality backlinks through website citation submissions. We also offer press release writing services and have found from experience that press release links are excellent for establishing your domain authority.

18. Secure Web Hosting

All of our sites use SSL certificates to keep your visitors and their information safe. Reliable web hosting has been proven to improve your SEO because Google’s algorithm will be able to see that you’ve taken active measures to provide a secure platform for your audience.

Because your websites won’t go down all the time, you’ll reap the benefits of higher SEO rankings without the risk of losing them completely because your website went down for a few days. Take a look at our recent article on how secure web hosting is one of the essential keys to having great SEO.

19. More ROI for Less

SEO helps you get more results without having to spend so much money on inbound marketing, outbound marketing, marketing automation, and a billion other fancy gimmicks some digital marketers like to blindly praise. We want to keep things simple, and SEO doesn’t get any simpler than creating great content, building fast, optimized websites, and providing your target audience with as much value as possible.

20. Amazing User Experience

Our web designers also know about SEO and how important it is to build websites where people can quickly find what they need. When they develop the website, they take extra care in visibly displaying the most important information people need to know about you.

Many websites fail in SEO and user experience because it’s so hard to find basic contact details and business hours on the site. You won’t have this problem with our expert web designers working closely with our SEO and content marketing teams to solve your problems.


There are way more pros than cons to hiring an SEO agency for your business. SEO is more than focusing on a single thing. It takes a combination of having a strong social media presence, a fast website, excellent website content, and the right keywords to get your business found naturally on Google and other search engines.

If you’re interested in working with a credible SEO company in Atlanta, give our team a call at 470-440-3434 or email [email protected] to get started with a free SEO website audit and consultation!