The load speed of a page is an essential factor to consider when designing a website. You should understand that a fast page speed improves your SEO campaigns. That means, you will be able to attract more visitors, which results in increased conversions.

When your site has increased traffic, it will undoubtedly generate more sales, and this happens with the assistance of a better load speed. So, how can you improve the load speed of your site?

Here are three essential tools to assist you in improving the load speed of your site.

PageSpeed Insights by Google

This is an optimization tool designed by Google, and it allows you to analyze the content on your webpage. The tool assists you to evaluate the webpage through several factors like the landing page, compressions, redirects, the response time of the server, resources, browser caching, CSS delivery, images, and visible content among others.

By analyzing these factors, Google’s PageSpeed Insights calculates a score, which ranges from zero – 100. This score estimates the overall performance of your site. Any score above 85 is an indication that your site is performing as expected.

PageSpeed measures two key areas to enhance the performance of your website. These areas include:

  • The time your site takes to load fully – this shows the time taken, from the time when you request a new web page, to the time the browser renders the page entirely.
  • Above-the-fold load time – this is the time from when you request a new web page to the time when the browser renders the above-the-fold content fully.

PageSpeed Insights is a tool that assists you to boost the speed of your site by giving you the best optimizations that you can use on your page. This, in turn, assists your website to receive the boost needed to rank better in Google.


KeyCDN is an ultra-lightweight and fast tool for testing website speeds. This tool can assist you to get detailed insights into the performance of your website. KyeCDN provides 14 different locations around the world where you can choose from. In addition, it gives you the choice of making the results of your page speed test public or private.

This tool provides important statistics that you should definitely know. This includes the number or HTTP requests made, the size of the requested page, and the load time of the page. What makes this tool unique, besides PageSpeed is its usability on mobile devices.

Google Mobile Test

Today, close to 70% of all mobile site visits are made via a 3G internet connection. This trend is expected to continue until 2020. So, what does this mean? Everyone knows that you can optimize your site to enhance the desktop accessibility and viewing experience. However, you should not equate this to accessing the page via a mobile device.

So, this is the point where you use Google Mobile Test. This tool allows you to access the summary of the performance of your site on 3G data. In addition, it gives you a comparison of the performance of other websites in your industry, together with optimization suggestions. Lastly, the tool gives you a report that assists you to improve the loading speed of your site.