We know that the search for the best position in search engines is the great goal of every company, that’s why we see the importance of SEO in this area. (If you do not remember, here we leave another post to refresh your memory about what SEO means and what it consists of). Every time that Google makes a change in its algorithm, it means that we must adapt our website to these new changes and use the appropriate SEO strategies. 

 Even so, after these modifications, it takes a while to verify that these new strategies have the expected success. In 2018, Google made one of these important changes in its algorithm, so now is the time to define what are the best SEO strategies that will come in 2018. Here are the 5  SEO trends for 2019:


Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) in SEO

The importance of the Smartphone and the browsing habits of users are increasingly evident. The mobiles have generated new consumption routines, so the demands of users are increasing. Being up to these expectations is a key to gaining ground in the world of SEO. study by Radware has revealed that 3 seconds is the maximum that a visitor is willing to wait before leaving the site. 


An accelerated mobile page solves this problem and optimizes the page load, besides being considered a classification factor and having a positive impact on the organic visibility of the web. Although we did not know the AMP, they were not given the importance they deserve, being now one of the elements most demanded by companies, as the importance of mobile devices increases more and more.


Voice search for SEO

On this occasion, we repeat the trend. The search by voice is already an old acquaintance, but it seems that you are not taking advantage of it. This trend in SEO has its roots in the famous attendees such as Siri, Google voice and Cortana. We know that Google gives great importance to the Long Tails to advance depending on the users, that is why it is convenient to use keywords long tail with a more natural tone that is more similar to the search that a user would perform.


Eye with the LinkBuilding

The issue of Linkbuilding is very tricky since it is one of the practices that Google penalizes the most, that is why if we are going to do it, we will have to do it well. The differentiating element of Linkbuilding is based on quality (much more than quantity). It is best to get links on websites of high confidence and virality. Newspapers, large content portals, etc., are some of the objectives that we must aim for when doing link baiting.


Functionality and User Experience

This point will be extensive and is that it can not be said to be a trend of 2018, but it is a mandatory element in every website to get a good SEO: Quality.

Basically, the enjoyable experience of the user on a website is decisive for him to repeat his visit, increasing traffic and increasing the time spent. These factors inevitably increase the SEO of our website, which is why it is very important to pay attention to it. Using headings correctly, promoting legibility and building an intuitive structure for our website are three basic elements for the user to enjoy a good experience on your website. 

The trend that is approaching this 2018 is called Dense Content, which consists of creating short content, but full of quality and information for the user, that is, a content that is quick to understand and important. Another trend that goes hand in hand with the Dense Content is based on making this brief content is in an aesthetically beautiful virtual environment, well designed and functional.


Constant update

Google has some priorities when it comes to positioning a website. Its content policy, among many things, prioritizes excellent content and with a higher frequency of publication. This criterion at the time of positioning incorporated it into its algorithm during the last updated on September 2, 2016. Another element that benefits the position is the Youtube videos and the intelligent use of the Keywords.

We hope you find these 5 SEO Trends useful for 2019. In Viridian Geeks we always try to get ahead of the newest to implement it in our strategies. Until next time!