There are new elements of web design emerging every year. When we incorporate these elements thoughtfully in our sites, they assist us in telling stories as well as explaining our business. Other elements help in improving the appearance of our content in specific devices. However, you need to understand that you have endless choices of the elements that can help you to improve your site. The following are six elements of modern web design.

Strong, But Restricted, Color Palette

It is important to understand that color usage and color schemes are essential in modern web design. You can easily create cohesiveness amid everything in your business by using a strong and unique color palette. If you have two colors, you have more room to play around with the colors when creating your website. However, you need to limit the number of colors that you use in your site, as too many colors can be visually distracting.

Utilize White Space

White space is an important element of web design as it makes your website to look very attractive. However, the color doesn’t have to be necessarily white. The term white space describes the empty space, which demarcates different elements in your website. Your website shouldn’t be crowded, and elements in the site should be spaced appropriately. Crowded sites rarely attract traffic. However, white space in a website makes it have a clean design, which is easily organized and digestible.

Call-To-Action (CTA) Buttons

We all know that the purpose of a website is to convert traffic into customers and leads. This, however, should happen through calls-to-action. Therefore, it is important to ensure that your site has relevant and great CTA buttons if you want to convert your visitors to leads or customers. Things like free downloadable whitepapers or eBooks, free consultations, subscription forms for emails, as well as other invites are good examples of CTAs. You should ensure that the CTAs are included in strategic places in your site to ensure that the visitor sees them.

An Organized Backend Coding

This is an important element of modern web design as it affects how your website functions. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the backend coding in your site is clean and organized. This makes it easier to read, write, and maintain how the website functions. When the backend coding in your site is not clean and organized, you will have a challenge in locating and fixing the issues that arise.

Design The Site With User In Mind

When designing a website, you should ensure that you have the end user in mind, and this shouldn’t be for the purposes of boosting the ranking of your site. Some companies tend to do things that Google loves, but they are not good for the user. Therefore, you need to ensure that you create a user-friendly website. This is because, when users get good value for a site, they will always come back and spend more time on the website.

SEO-Improving Elements

In addition to designing a website with the user in mind, you also need to add SEO elements to the site. These elements can help in improving the rankings of a website in search engine results. Things like title tags, heading tags, and meta tags amongst others can help in driving more visitors to your site.