Does a web design have to be nice or useful? Do we have to settle for just one of the options? A good web design should combine an attractive visual aspect with functionality that responds to the needs of the users.

Although it is easy to say, it is not always carried out. On many occasions, the visual section of web design is prioritized, to the detriment of usability. This can take us to a point where a website is worthy of an award for its appearance but does not respond to any of the real needs of users.

The study of the priorities of our users, the characteristics of the sector or the presence of competitors will give us information of very high value when preparing a web design.


“An attractive and functional visual aspect is key for good web design.”


To avoid arriving at a scenario like the one we proposed at the beginning, we need to identify which variables influence the definition of good web design. Let’s review some of them.

  • Quick information about who we are and the purpose of the website: when a user accesses our website, they must be able to discern in an instant who we are, what we do and what the purpose of the page is. This applies not only to Home but all web pages. If, for example, our logo is not sufficiently representative of our activity, perhaps we should include a small text to specify it.
  • Consistent with the brand image and content: the design of a web page must be consistent with the visual section of a brand. In the same way, web design has to help present the contents in the most effective way possible.
  • Respond to the needs of users: if we have a van rental portal, the form or mechanisms to formalize this process should be a priority element of web design. It is useless to include large images or modern visual resources if they hide one of the main actions that users expect to be able to perform on our website.
  • Please focus on the main element of the page: in line with the previous point, we must avoid the presence of visual elements that distract users from the main function of the page.
  • Coordinated with other disciplines: since a website usually requires traffic to achieve its business objectives, collaborating with online marketing disciplines responsible for it, such as SEO or SEM, will be vital in achieving a good web design.
  • Adapted to mobile and fast: currently, much of the web traffic comes from mobile devices. A good web design should take into account this situation and be perfectly adapted to smartphones, both visually and operationally.

These are just some of the keys to identifying a good web design. At Viridian Geeks Web Design we apply them so that our projects present an excellent visual section that responds to the functional requirements of our clients.