The world of web development lives in constant evolution. Not only year after year, but also monthly, weekly or, occasionally, new standards, libraries, bugs and a host of changes that make modern web programming an entertaining profession appear every day.

In this changing environment, we can glimpse certain trends that mark the near future of web development. In this article, we will analyze what are and will be the novelties in the field of web programming for upcoming 2019.


“Security, speed and mobile: 3 of the major axes of web development in 2019.”



Google had been warning for some time that the implementation of an SSL certificate should be the norm in every website. In the beginning, for those portals that include online purchases or the sending of forms. Currently, any website will be marked with the label “Not secure” in your Chrome browser if you do not implement the HTTPS security protocol.

In addition, a few years ago that Google itself confirmed that it used the presence of HTTPS as a positioning factor.

Therefore, the development of any website in 2018 should have in mind the implementation of an SSL certificate.


Progressive Web Apps

The design of mobile applications has been introducing improvements as they became popular. Currently, the development of websites is incorporating elements and functionalities from these apps. This concept, called Progressive Web Apps (PWA), is spreading as a trend in web programming this 2018 since it offers benefits such as a highly optimized loading speed or the possibility of interacting with it without having an Internet connection.


Notifications through the browser

In line with the previous section, the notifications so common in smartphones have also reached web browsers. Through the API Notifications, we can send (prior permission) notifications to users linked to our website that will be displayed on your device.



The popularization of libraries like Motion UI has facilitated the incorporation of animations on websites. In addition to providing a different touch, the correct use of this resource increases the feeling of interaction with a website, improving the user experience, in addition to allowing us to reinforce, sometimes, the conversion rate.


Specific development for mobile

The increasing use of mobile devices to surf the Internet has already exceeded access via computer. This translates into greater demand for smartphones and tablets oriented development, using specific technologies for them.



The AMP project, a specification of HTML, CSS and Javascript code that aims to offer faster and lighter websites, has had its great supporter of Google. Although it has not affirmed that the presence of this technology is a positioning factor, it does enhance its presence in the results pages by showing them in dedicated carousels or by including the AMP icon in the snippets.


Single Page Applications

The Single Page Applications or SPA conceive a website without any apparent page change for the user. This implies, for example, that we will not see the loading of a new page when clicking on a link. Instead, through asynchronous loading with technologies like AJAX, the content will appear on the same page that we are on.


Static websites

Given the weight that the loading speed of websites is acquiring in fields such as SEO or the studies that show the link between the conversion rate and the speed of a portal, static websites are becoming fashionable again.

As we mentioned at the beginning, the world of web programming is constantly changing. The trends in web development that we have seen today will inevitably evolve in the coming months, giving way to new technologies and functionalities. And at Viridian Geeks Web Design we will keep up to date with all of them to offer our clients the latest news for their websites.