Let’s get it right, SEO is not a prerequisite for every business. It is not like the use of telephone or emails or even a desk. The point is the use and need of SEO is highly dependent on the type of business. Besides your type of business, you should also consider the size of your business and hence your marketing budget. This is why, as a business owner, you need to seriously consider and make a decision between; investing in high-level SEO or opting for other marketing campaigns. And oh, just a reminder, if you decide to go the SEO way, do it right. This is the only way you will have ROI and realize significant results.

Torn between the two options? Here are key factors to consider:

Keyword volume

Look for the volumes of your main keywords that apply to your business. Are they low or high? If the volume is low, then you are better off with other marketing campaigns. This is because investing in SEO for keywords that are only searched only a few times will not grow your business let along generate SEO ROI.


You know your market, right? At least as a savvy businessperson you know you must! If your SEO monthly budget is $5,000 and your competitors are doing 5 times of that, SEO maybe not the best fit for your company. You may take the risk and run with the competition but beware that you will always appear second in your potential customer’s searches.

Your market size

Consider the size of the market you operate in. Is it small or large? Of it is small for example a medical practitioner, go for local SEO. This way you will reach customers that are more likely to reach you easily. If your business operates in the national and international markets, investing in standard SEO is the best idea.

Age of your product or service

Let’s use logic here. If you have a purely new product that has never been in the market, how often will people search for it? Almost never. Consider a common beauty product that is a must use every day, how often is it searched for? Always. Therefore, if your product or service is quite new, SEO is not for you. Use other marketing strategies first to create awareness and then integrate SEO later.

Your Website

A website is one of the best and key marketing assets for business owners. If your website SEO is bad, there is no way the Google crawlers will find you. Assess the authority and relevance that your website shows when a potential customer visits it. Take note of its general constriction, design, titles, and URLs. This is how you know if you are ready to integrate SEO into your marketing strategy.

Key Note:

Always do your research extensively. Research not only helps you to understand your business better but also to make the right decisions that will soar your business to success. You are responsible for your business make it count.