Believe it or not, the most visited part of a business website is the “about us” page. This is the one that handles revealing the most fundamental aspects of the company and the one that links potential customers with the products offered on the company’s website.

With the above, you can understand why it is important to have an excellent “about us” page on the company’s website. Interestingly, to create this page in a good way it is not enough just to follow some simple steps that we will explain below.


Steps to design the about us page  on the web of my company

1.- Understand what is the “about us” page: This section of the website of any company, aims to show and explain to the user or visitor of the website which entity is in charge of it and why it does. It is, so, the area where the company must be explained, why it was created and, if possible, mention a little about its history. This step is the most important and the most important, because if you do not know what the company is, then little can be done in this section.

2 .- Place necessary information and interest: Once understood what the “about us” page of the web is, you will have to check the information you will place in it. In this sense it is worth mentioning some tips that can be useful when deciding what information you want to communicate:

  • Try to make the information as summary as possible, avoiding long and difficult to read texts.
  • Try to place photographs or images related to the company, so that the page gains much more dynamism.
  • Express in these lines what you like most about your company or your venture. Creativity can play an important role in creating empathy with users, customers or consumers who visit your website.
  • It also encompasses what corresponds to the mission and the vision of the company. This would be, where you want to go and what you hope to achieve for the benefit of the consumer.
  • If you have business partners, you will need to mention them in this section.

3.- Include a section of opinions and testimonies: This part of the “about us” page is one that is usually ignored and that, therefore, tends to be wasted. By having a section of opinions, you encourage the relationship of your customers with the company itself, which means that people opt for your products or services better. Also, showing testimonies of excellence is a good aspect that will always leave you very well standing as a company.

4- Organize the content: This step depends entirely on what you have decided to put on the page “about us.” If you want to follow the recommendations to make “above us” pages said above, then you need to organize the content. To do this, use a small menu at the beginning of the window where the categories to be dealt with in the “about us” section are broken down.


Of course, try not to pass more than 5 titles (including subtitles) because otherwise, the information would be visually excessive. Remember that you want to explain in a few words what the company is and how it can help its customers, consumers or users.

Follow these 4 simple steps to make pages “about us” and promote as much as possible your company online. So what are you waiting for to get the most out of this new era of digital business?


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