Everyone who manages a website should understand it important to update their websites on a regular basis because that’s what Google loves. Having a blog section is a good way to update your website regularly. However, if your SEO strategies concentrate only on blogs posts, then they won’t be so effective.

You need to understand that there are more opportunities other than blog posts. These opportunities can offer your visitors value, and increase leads. Here are other acceptable types of effective SEO content.

Long-Form Content

Previously many SEO experts believed that any content that has over 500 words would not be effective. They argued that the internet should have condensed info, which is easy to read. However, as it has turned out, the ill-famed lack attention by online readers is not as insightful as the digital marketers thought are. Recently, the SEO industry has discovered that long-form articles rank better and online readers also read it.

Long-form articles come with one excellent SEO benefit; since they have more words, you have the chance to use more keywords. In addition, long-form content ranks better in Google than short-form content. This is because there is a better chance of the long-form content having more insights, which means more value.

A Beginner’s Guide

There is one thing you need to understand about blog posts-they play an important role in ensuring that your site is up to date. Mostly, blog posts concentrate on a specific and small portion of your entire industry of company. However, you can miss the big picture, especially when you spend most of your time concentrating on the small moments created by blogs.

One way to take your readers back to the first step is to create a ‘how-to guide’ or ‘beginner’s guide.’ This can assist you to talk about the most fundamental aspect of what you are dealing with. It is important to note that the guide does not have to concentrate on your products or services. However, it should show your proficiency in one manner or another.


Does your sector use lots of terminologies? Have ever used words that only you can understand? You should always avoid complicated jargons in cases where you can use simpler words. However, you can take advantage of this too.

Many online readers love glossary. You can easily read through it and use it to solve your queries. Therefore, if your sector uses many terminologies, then make sure that you have a place where users can go to read and understand it.

A glossary can give you the opportunity to use a broader range of keywords. In addition, it gives you a better opportunity to further link internally.

Landing Pages

A landing page is mostly optimized to assist visitors to search specific terms. Visitors will first ‘land on” that page from a search engine before they are directed to other areas of your site. Mostly, landing pages exist just as a part of normal campaigns, instead of the regular and fresh content.

When it comes to SEO, landing pages are very effective, as they give you the opportunity to commit a whole page to a single and specific search word. This, in turn, increases your opportunity of ranking better. When creating a landing page, make sure that you keep it short since readers don’t spend so much time on these pages.