Search Engine Rejection?

We Can Fix Any Relationship Between Your Website and Google!

Google and your website normally get along great in a relationship. The relationship goes like this: your website has lots of valuable, unique content for visitors to read, and Google returns the favor by ranking the website higher in its search results. It’s a symbiotic relationship most of the time until Google finds out something’s wrong with your site. Google is always vigilant about finding troublemaking sites and people gaming the system. If Google finds your site is violating their terms, you could say goodbye to your site’s rankings. Ouch! What a rejection that is.

At Viridian Geeks, we understand search engine optimization like no other. Instead of making extravagant promises about having a website rank #1 for keywords in 30 days, we recognize SEO as a long-term process that requires a lot of planning and skillful execution for success. This way, your website’s relationship with Google will be fixed, and they’ll be back together once again.

How Do We Improve Your Website’s SEO?

The premise of SEO is quite simple, but many websites lack these essentials to help increase site rankings. The key ingredients to improving a website’s SEO are:

Adding relevant keywords

It’s important you do as much keyword research as possible to figure out what your competitors are ranking for, and then optimize your website for those keywords. Optimization can include anything from adding keywords to a page’s meta description and image alt-text to writing SEO-friendly landing page copy Google will like.

Create relevant content

Content is like fuel that goes into your website’s gas tank. Without content, there’s nothing for a web designer and web developer to work with, and there would be no reason for anyone to visit your site. Good content improves your site’s relevance and domain authority in Google’s eyes.

Update content you already have

If you already have content on your site, then great! Now it needs to be maintained and updated if any changes occur to your business, so Google will know you have a legitimate site.

On-page metadata

Website pages use a markup language called HTML for their structure. In HTML, there are several different tags to fill, like title tags, description tags, and keyword tags. All that needs to be done is add relevant information about your website and page to these tags with the keywords that were found.

What is SEO and How Can It Help Your Site’s Relationship with Google?

SEO stands for search engine optimization, and it’s a process of increasing the levels of qualified traffic back to your site. If done correctly, your business will benefit from all the free traffic. Like with anything, however, SEO must be done with care. It’s not a process that will happen overnight and requires online marketing professionals who know what they’re doing.

Search engine optimization is a great part of any online marketing strategy. With well-done SEO comes several big benefits for your business. These include the following:

Increased ROI

Having a good return on investment is a sign of success for any business. You’ll be able to see the positive effects of SEO on metrics related to site conversions (sign up forms filled, site visitors checking out with a product, etc.). ROI in SEO also refers to increases in traffic and search engine rank.

Higher organic traffic

As your website climbs higher in Google’s search engine results, the number of impressions and clicks will also grow naturally. Just have your site and content optimized for SEO, and this part of the process will happen over time.

Huge savings

SEO is a highly cost-effective online marketing strategy. Because it has a heavy inbound marketing and content-focused approach, you don’t have to rely on expensive cold-calling to get the leads you need. SEO also costs far less than relying on PPC (Pay-Per-Click), although PPC is often used as part of Search Engine Marketing campaigns.

Improved Brand Awareness

The more exposure your site gets because of SEO, the more people are likely to trust you. This holds especially true the higher your website ranks for valuable keywords relevant to your business.

Our Step-by-Step SEO Relationship Planning Process

Our SEO analysis and planning is about as thorough as everything else we do at Viridian Geeks. This is the process in a nutshell.

Discuss your business and create deliverables.

Perform keyword research to see what’s currently trending on Google.

Look through formidable website competitors and discover which keywords are bringing the most traffic.

Narrow down the keywords to the best ones to target.

Create content which will target these keywords, but also offer value for your customers.

Add metatags accurately describing each page on your site.

Look at other ways to improve the website from a user experience perspective.

Allow for enough time to then develop a baseline report to see if your keyword rankings have improved per month.

We’ll Get to Work Fixing Your Site’s Relationship with Google Right Away

Like what you see here? Awesome! You’ll receive a free SEO site audit pinpointing any SEO-related problems on your site. We are available for a consultation on the best ways to start repairing your website’s relationship with Google at once!