Website Stuck in the 90s? Get Modern Today

Let’s Bring Your Website Into 2017, Fully Responsive for PC, Tablet, and Mobile

You know your website could use a lot of work when it looks like something out of the days when people were still using AOL and Netscape to browse the internet. These were sites that signified the worst in web design, with annoying, bright “Welcome to My Site” signs, pop-up spam, scrolling text, and just about anything else that professional web designers don’t use anymore.

If you have a website that’s repelling your customers because of bad layout and ugly colors, then let our team at Viridian Geeks help you rebuild your business site into something you can be proud of. Get into the DeLorean, and we’ll take your 90s-looking website and transform it into something modern and appealing for 2017!

Making Your Website Modern for 2017

Even in 2017, there are still lots of websites that suffer from these core problems, which include.

You need to put yourself into your customer’s shoes to understand why people hate websites like this. These types of sites rely way too much on style, and not enough on substance. Furthermore, the worst of these sites bog down the reader with unnecessary clutter and poorly organized content. Other websites might look okay but are several years behind still because they lack that oomph needed to make a site stand out, like having interesting blurb animations and such.

Overusing the same stock images repetitively

Cluttered designs and layouts

Contact information is either hidden or nonexistent

No mobile-optimization for the site

    At Viridian Geeks, however, creating web designs that are both beautiful and functional is our most important goal. Take a look at some of our past and current work  and you’ll see how it’s really done. Our clients have always thanked us for the amount of time and effort we put into rebuilding their websites, and then adding content, high-definition images, blurbs, and more to help them.

How Does Our Web Design Process Work?

Before we create any wireframes or pages, we give all our clients a questionnaire to fill out, where you can let us know everything about your business and competitors. You can also send us staff pictures and whatever other information you have that could help.

Our Web Designers Then Get to Work

From here on out, our web designers spend time drawing out wireframes and working with the SEO Specialists to create the general look and feel of your website. We flesh out everything from basic navigation to color schemes that will be used and then start creating a draft of the website in WordPress.

SEO Specialists Start Optimizing Each Page

Our process is a collaborate effort between web designers and SEO Specialists. While our web designers build out your website, the SEO specialists will be busy taking care of all the keyword research, on-page optimization, and content creation if needed. All of this is to make sure your healthcare site will have the best chance of ranking well on Google.

The Review Process

After all this hard work is done, we’ll deliver your site in a private environment so you can review and request changes. Both our web designers and SEO professionals will go back and adjust the website to your satisfaction.

The Deployment Stage

Once everything’s been checked off, we’ll make your site go live and submit the new site to all the major search engines including:

· Google · Bing · Yahoo · AOL · Lycos

If you need any help using your website, we’re always here to help. Just give us a call at (470)-440-3434 or send an email to [email protected].

Appealing Web Design Principles

Appealing web design is important for any modern site out there today, and while it’s important that a website looks nice, it also needs to be built specifically to generate results and sales for businesses. Many web design companies focus too much on the flash, and not enough on making the design conducive for people to quickly find what they’re looking for.

At Viridian Geeks, we always strive to make our website designs follow these principles:

High-quality imagery

A major problem with many websites today is the over reliance on cheap, ugly photos and poor image placement on site pages. We only use the highest-quality images we can buy, and even go the extra mile and have photographers take specific images to use, giving your website a truly unique feel to stand out from your competition.

Consistent color schemes and patterns

We don’t overpower the visitor with colors that don’t go together at all, like purple with green. We start from a small set of colors and hues, and double and triple check every page we build to make sure nothing’s amiss. We also make sure the colors we choose closely match your company logo, so your new website design will reflect your brand more closely.

Website mobile-responsiveness

One of the greatest pitfalls we commonly see with even some of the better-looking sites out there is the lack of functionality on tablets and smartphones. Throughout the web design process, we continually test each page and adjust font and button sizes so mobile visitors can seamlessly browse through the site.

Maximized usability

We keep all our page layouts simple and clear to read, leading the visitor to the most important parts of the page, whether it’s for the visitor to receive a free quote or to sign up for a newsletter. Our sites are specifically built to help with the conversion process, so you can start generating more leads today.

Get a Modern Website Design Today

Make Viridian Geeks your choice for website designs, and we’ll get to work giving your website the executive treatment for 2017. We’ll run a free site audit to find any technical issues so we can make your new website design modern and clean.