We’ve been working ARKIVE’s team to overhaul their previous website completely and produce a fantastic website redesign. After months of hard work, we’re excited to announce that we’ve recently relaunched their website. Check it out here: https://myarkive.com/

What Does ARKIVE Do?

Located in Mableton, GA, ARKIVE sells secure information management services to mid-sized companies and large enterprises. As part of their service line, they provide storage, data protection, document shredding, and data capturing to help companies stay compliant with all the latest regulations related to information security.

When ARKIVE asked us to take over their website and search engine optimization, we accepted the challenge of creating a new website and content that would get their message out clearly.

Website Design Challenges

It was by no means an easy feat to add a fresh face to ARKIVE’s website. There were many things wrong with the previous website design we fixed to help drive their sales. Some of these include:

  • Domain issues
  • Technical issues with the site’s HTML and CSS
  • No meta descriptions at all for the pages
  • Little to no content on the site
  • No alt-text on the images
  • Disorganized site navigation and no child pages

These were the main problems the previous website had, and over the last several months, we worked with ARKIVE’s marketing team to give the website a whole new look with lots of additional features.

New ARKIVE Website Redesign Features

The new website has a modern, clean design and simple navigation for customers to find what they need instantly. We also added a lot of high-quality images with animation and a gray color scheme to help make the website pop. Lots of new, informative SEO-optimized content has been added to help the website rank higher in search engines and to promote the company’s brand.

Here are several other cool things you’ll find on the new ARKIVE website:

  • A Revolution slider on the home page

atlanta web design slider

  • A job plugin on the Careers page to add new job postings easily

atlanta web design job plugin client

  • CAPTCHA form on the home page to reduce spam

captcha form atlanta website design

  • A new Press Release waterfall page with a clean design

press release web design

  • Blog with several SEO-optimized posts

search engine optimization blog image

However, this is just the tip of the iceberg with all the stuff we did for ARKIVE. Check out their SEO keyword growth on this graph:

SEO keyword growth graph

They went from just having less than ten keywords at the beginning to 200 keywords total, and the amount of organic (free) traffic has also grown the same way. They now rank for new keywords like secure offsite storage and data records management services which are directly relevant to their business.

It’s been a thrill seeing the ARKIVE website grow and change the way it has, and they’ve been quite happy with the results too.

We’d like to thank you for reading about our experience helping ARKIVE. If you’re interested in seeing what the team at Viridian Geeks can do for your website, please give us a call at (470)-440-3434 or contact us for more details.