The content is one of the main pillars of any strategy of organic positioning. Without forgetting other indispensable parts such as technical SEO, the architecture of our website, usability and user experience or link building, the writing of good texts, the inclusion of quality images and other valuable content will help us greatly measure to improve the positions of our website in Google.

Both in media and other websites that live on content, such as corporate websites and e-commerce that include a blog, the writing of quality articles and with an active component of viralization will allow the capture of organic visits to evolve in a positive way.

One of the types of content for blogs that usually provide better results are the articles “How to”. Let’s review why they work so well and how to prepare this type of writing.


Why write “How to” articles?

In certain sectors, the presence of searches related to how to do, how to prepare, how to make, how to get, etc., is high. Responding to them with content in the form of an article will allow us to capture part of this potential volume of traffic.

Given that we provide valuable information to the user, his perception of our brand will improve, as he will learn something through reading the article. And if we do it in a correct and documented way, it can reach us as a benchmark in the sector in that matter.

In addition, this type of content is more likely to be shared and linked, increasing its reach and ability to generate external links.

And if we do it well, we can get to appear in the Google Knowledge Graph, as a result, highlighted in the so-called position 0, above the normal organic results.


How to prepare articles “How to” for SEO?

Some of the keys to writing “How to” articles for SEO are:

  • Study of keywords and documentation: find out about the queries made by users in your sector and compile sources of reference information.
  • Write the article in step format or list: in general, when a user makes a query of this type, expect a result scheduled. Using lists with the steps to follow in our content can be an excellent solution to meet this expectation.
  • Reflect these steps in HTML: use HTML markup in list format (ordered or unordered) or a consistent title structure.
  • Includes numbers in the title: the number of steps or the processing time are data that, included in the title, can improve the CTR of the snippet of your article in Google.
  • Document alternatives and errors: As part of your list, you can include variations of the process or information on how to act if we have missed a step.
  • Generate visual content from your article: an infographic or a video that reproduces the content of your content “How to” can favor your degree of virilization.

The writing of articles “How to” for SEO is a perfect tactic in certain sectors. It should not be the only element of our SEO strategy that we work in depth, but it can give a boost to our traffic capture. If you want to deepen more about the positioning in Google or need help with the SEO of your website, do not hesitate to contact us.