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Search engine optimization (SEO) is not a gimmick or get rich quick scheme. It’s a systematic approach to increasing your website’s ranking. Here’s more information about how our process works at Viridian Geeks, an Atlanta SEO company with lots of experience in helping business owners increase traffic to their sites with our Atlanta SEO services.

There Are No Quick Ways To Boost Your Site Ranking

You need to understand what exactly we mean by “search engine optimization.” Is it some advanced technology a group of scientists came up with in the laboratory? While there’s a lot of technical jargon SEO professionals love throwing around SEO is much simpler than you think. The trick is taking a long-term approach because good SEO takes a lot of time and effort to achieve. In the long-term, the results are worth your time because you can potentially save hundreds on PPC (Paid Search) costs.

The SEO Improvement Steps We Take

From start to finish, we are highly dedicated to providing you the most thorough SEO analysis of your website and ways to move forward.

Discuss your business and create deliverables

Perform keyword research to see what’s currently trending on Google

Look through formidable website competitors and discover which keywords are bringing the most traffic.

Narrow down the keywords to the best ones to target.

Create content which will target these keywords, but also offer value for your customers.

Add metatags accurately describing each page on your site

Look at other ways to improve the website from a user experience perspective.

8. Allow for enough time to then develop a baseline report to see if your keyword rankings have improved per month

Working On Your Terms

While we cannot guarantee your website will rank #1 for any keyword on Google, we will promise to work with you every step of the process and regularly inform you of any progress made. All of these details and more will be worked out when you schedule a consultation with us and receive your Atlanta SEO services.

Website Traffic

Get free organic traffic and increase your online presence

Organic Sales

Generate free sales that don’t cost you anything in marketing

Global Customers

Target global customers all across your country or internationally

Marketing Strategy

Develop an online business strategy that works for you

Specialized Local Atlanta SEO Services and Solutions For Your Needs

We take great care to build a beautiful website which you’ll enjoy and take your input into consideration. Throughout the process, we double check to make sure each page we create is mobile responsive.   Viridian Geeks is based out of Johns Creek, GA, and caters to customers all over the metro Atlanta area.  You’ll be getting a lot with each plan you choose.

Here at Viridian Geeks, we have search engine optimization professionals working around the clock to help make a difference. A study on Search Engine Land showed up to 60% of website traffic comes from organic search. Organic search refers to how people discover your website naturally through search engines without clicking on any ads.

It’s time to get serious about changing that number for you with our proven search engine tactic and Atlanta SEO services.

Generate Traffic on Major Search Engines

SEO is a requirement for any online business today.  Make sure your site is optimized for the major search engine providers with our customized SEO, copywriting, and content writing services.

What An Atlanta SEO Company Like Viridian Geeks Can Do For You

The SEO landscape is constantly changing and so is Google’s algorithm. What may have worked five years ago may not be so effective today. There was a point in time where backlinks on forums might have been beneficial for SEO, but not so much now. Much of the focus today lies in having valuable content on your website people will read. Google has wised up and will penalize offenders who resort to using black hat SEO techniques and keyword stuffing.

Stop falling prey to scam artists and get a real Atlanta SEO company like Viridian Geeks on your side. We only use white hat SEO techniques to improve your site’s ranking organically without the fear of Google slapping your website or falling behind your competitors because of SEO techniques that don’t apply to the real world today.

Improve Your SEO Now

You may be missing out on some of the most cutting edge SEO strategies used in the business to help you crush your competition. Don’t let this great opportunity go to waste. We will show you exactly where you can improve your SEO and other strategies to help you increase your brand awareness.

If you like what you see in the report, you can schedule a consultation with us to discuss your business and turn those clicks into real conversions with our Atlanta SEO services. Just fill out the SEO Audit form and get started! You can also contact us if you want to schedule a consultation.

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