Viridian Geeks will take care of your hosting, so you don’t have to worry about buying hosting packages from a different company.  We provide both dedicated hosting and managed hosting services depending on your needs.

How Our Atlanta Web Hosting Services Can Make a Difference

You may be at the stage where you have a beautifully designed, mobile responsive site and everything else on the surface is great. Even your back end is functioning smoothly. What more do you need? Let us put it this way: you need stability for your site. Without proper stability, no one will be able to properly access your site at all without a reliable hosting service to keep everything afloat.

In addition, many businesses have websites with broken links and many other problems causing those sites to load much slower. Visitors on these sites don’t have time to wait more than a minute waiting for these pages to load. They want immediate access to what you’re selling, and not having good hosting makes these problems much worse.

With Viridian Geeks hosting, however, you can rest assured knowing your site will not have these problems and you can focus on making your business great. If you run a business, we provide several packages designed to give you maximum flexibility and support. If you need any changes, you can rely on us to make the process as efficient as possible.

Benefits of Using an Atlanta Web Hosting Company

Why should you invest in good web hosting for your website? See for yourself how much web hosting can benefit your business. Some of these benefits include the following:

Reliable Uptime

One of the many advantages of relying on Viridian Geeks for web hosting is how your service will consistently maintain its uptime rating. If there are any problems, we will mitigate the problem as soon as it happens. You will feel comfortable knowing we have your back here.

Excellent technical support

With our understanding of CakePHP and other programming languages, we can provide great technical support if there’s a problem which requires examining code and diagnosing a problem.

Tons of storage capacity

We offer tons of bandwidth space so you never have to worry about running out of room right away depending on your business model.

Get your own email address

You will be able to access your own email which you can access via POP3 programs like Microsoft Outlook.

Dedicated Hosting vs. Managed Hosting: Which Web Hosting Service Should I Buy?

With the benefits of web hosting covered, we want to get into more of the specifics. People often bring up dedicated hosting and managed hosting in the context of different types of hosting available. You may be wondering what the difference between the two is. In short, dedicated hosting is created just for you to use, while managed hosting involves letting a company like us handle the server and maintenance.

What is Dedicated Hosting For?
To give you a better idea of what we use dedicated hosting for, we would need to know more about your business model. As stated previously, dedicated hosting is designed so you can lease a server and have it configured. This is also usually referred to as unmanaged dedicated hosting, and what this means is that a hosting provider first creates the server for your own purposes and the responsibility is on you to manage it yourself. This type of hosting might be suitable for an organization with people who already have technical knowledge in managing these types of servers. If anything goes wrong with your server, we will work with you to fix any hardware errors.
What is Managed Hosting?
Unlike dedicated hosting, managed hosting is where we actively manage your server and handle maintenance, security, software, and hardware issues. We recommend purchasing a managed hosting plan if your organization does not have anyone in-house who has a technical understanding of servers. We have the expertise to do the job for you and manage the server in a way which meets your business goals.

Why Should You Trust in Viridian’s Atlanta Web Hosting Service?

We use the latest technology with whatever server plan you purchase from us. We are also proud of the web design and SEO services available and can look at your company’s needs and match your expectations. You don’t need to outsource your operation to a third-party hosting company when you can get a much more practical solution with us today.

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