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At Viridian Geeks, we don’t just focus on on-page SEO like many other SEO companies do. We take it one step further and develop SEO-optimized content for your social media channels. After all, what would be the point of writing content if you never promote it anywhere outside of your site? That’s why social media management is such an important component of good SEO.

Forget Link Building, Social Media Marketing & Social Media Management are the Future

In the growing realm of content marketing, copywriting, and content writing, the connection between SEO and social media management is becoming much stronger than ever. As a result, Google’s algorithm now uses your social media channels as an indicator of your site’s SEO health.

Content marketers in the past used to place great emphasis on a practice known as “link building.” Link building is the act of finding webpages and asking the owner of the page to link back to your site if you have any valuable content like with a blog post. While some digital marketers still use link building in their efforts to find authoritative websites to increase a site’s domain authority, increasingly, social media management has become a much better, simpler way of generating external links back to your website.

Google Cracks Down

Google has cracked down on all the black hat SEO techniques associated with link building. When people use black hat SEO techniques, they are resorting to practices which violate search engine regulations and tricks the search engine crawlers. Such techniques range from keyword stuffing to using invisible text on a webpage.

What we’re saying is that link building was a good tool, but people have abused the system to the point where it’s not as effective as it once was in the past. Google now places greater emphasis on looking at social media channels like Twitter and Facebook for reliable indicators. Using social media marketing effectively provides the link juice you’re looking for to increase your site’s SEO through ethical white hat SEO techniques.

How Do Our Atlanta Social Media Management Plans Help Grow Your Business?

You may have the best product in town, but how many people in the area know who you are? You need Social Media SEO & social media marketing to help you increase your web traffic and brand awareness period. Social media management is another tool you can use to spread the word in the following ways:

Increase Brand Awareness

With greater brand awareness, you will have more people following you on social media and clicking on the hyperlinks back to your website through the posts we create. Additionally, your social media pages will be a lot more credible with relevant content related to your brand.

Boost Traffic Levels

With the right execution, Social Media can prove to be an important asset in increasing the amount of site traffic. When people look at your social media pages and find the kind of content that helps them with their problems, they will be much more inclined to then look at your website and blog.

What An Atlanta Social Media SEO Firm Like Viridian Geeks Can Do For You

The SEO landscape is constantly changing and Google is coming up with new algorithm challenges. You need a social media SEO & social media marketing company who can help you stay flexible with all these changes. When you sign up for our services, you get the freedom to sign contract or do something else.

Best of all, we will show you the content we create to you first, so you can have final approval. Not many other agencies will give you this much control over the process.

Improve Your Social Media Management and Social Media SEO Now

You may be missing out on some of the most cutting-edge social media SEO and social media management strategies used in the business to help you crush your competition. Don’t let this great opportunity go to waste. We will show you exactly where you can improve your social media marketing and other strategies to help you increase your brand awareness.

If you like what you see in the report, you can schedule a consultation with us to discuss your business and turn those clicks into real conversions. Just fill out the Social Media SEO Audit form and get started! You can also contact us if you want to schedule a consultation regarding our social media management services.

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