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Are you looking to give your online store some more “oomph?” You know, that kind of pizzazz and style needed for the most up-to-date e-commerce sites. We are adept in creating a unique, beautiful website designed to provide stronger conversion power and help you generate more sales. We work around the clock to create an awesome custom-built website for your e-commerce business. Get a Free Quote

E-Commerce Web Design Features

With every e-commerce site we create, we place extra emphasis on the following features:

Mobile Friendly

Customers want a website they can navigate easily from their phone. Get this part down pat, and your sales will go up.

Global Customers

With millions of people around the world searching for products on Google and Yahoo, you’ll be ready to target these customers in your country or internationally.

Direct Sales

Drive online sales through digital advertising channels.


We’ll help you create a business strategy that works for you and your business.

What Can You Do with an E-commerce Website?

Both you and your customers can do a lot with an e-commerce site, but we’ll go over a small sampling of what you as a business owner can do first. Your customers will also find a lot to do on your newly designed e-commerce web design.

Business Owner Features

• Create customer and product reports
• Modify product photos
• Add new products and product descriptions
• Create sales promotions for your products
• Generate invoices
• Add promo codes

Customer Features

• Use keywords to find products
• Generate product quotes
• Check e-mail notifications
• Make an account and go to check out
• Monitor their orders
• Get product suggestions

We Make Everything Simple

You don’t have to be an advanced coder to use our e-commerce sites. After we build your new site, we will show you how to navigate the CMS if you need any help. We always consider the user and the client experience whenever we create a new website.

With all the knowledge you get from us, you will feel much more confident when you make changes to your newly designed site on your own. You can do all the important e-commerce activities from adding new products to changing the prices. Because we are a local Atlanta business, you don’t have as many communication barriers as opposed to outsourcing the work overseas.

E-Commerce Solutions & Website Protection

Let us handle all your e-commerce needs.  From custom look and feels we can build you a unique store front that customers will enjoy making purchases from!

All of our e-commerce websites are encrypted through an SSL connection, so your customers can feel safe and secure when they make a purchase or transaction. They can purchase products through a password-protected account.

Advanced eCommerce Tools

We use several industry leading and bleeding edge technologies to get you the best results while giving you the intelligence that enables you to make great business decisions. Our unique experience and dedicated team can manage and help you on your path for success!

Viridian Geeks Provides Excellent Custom Web Design Solutions

Here at Viridian Geeks, we build websites from the bottom up and never try to take the easy way out with generic templates that don’t fit your business model. Each website we design, we take everything about your business into consideration and ensure the final product comes to your liking.

Want E-Commerce Web Design Solutions?

If you ever need assistance on your new e-commerce web design, feel free to reach out to us five days a week. We are open from 8 am to 5 pm weekdays and 10 am to 2 pm weekends and are available to provide a free quote on your web development or web design solution. You can schedule a consultation with us to discuss your business and turn those clicks into real conversions.

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