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Google Knowledge Graph and SEO

The SERPs or Google results pages are no longer what they were. In its beginnings, after conducting a search, we were only with two types of results in text format: announcements and organic results. Over the years, new formats have been populating SERPs: videos,...

SEO Is A Continuous Process. This Is Why

The false belief that you only need to implement your SEO strategy once and that is all, is costing your business. Business owners who believe that they have to implement their strategy at the beginning and leave it to thrive are only watching as their businesses’...

Most Common Mistakes and Misconceptions about SEO

When it comes to SEO almost everyone has a different opinion. Even if you interview two different, industry experts, their views will most likely be different. This is because of the dynamic nature of SEO. When it comes to defining your SEO strategy, just focus on...

Mastering SEO Best Practices as a Writer

Being a writer is not only an interesting career but also a dynamic one. It is the dynamic nature of writing that makes it interesting for some and a buzz-killer for others. It is your responsibility as a writer to communicate clearly and concisely and make the reader...

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