To keep your business relevant in a time where technology has heightened in importance, digital marketing is your best solution. In digital marketing, the goal isn’t to only increase sales on a website or set a campaign and forget it. The reason digital marketing is useful is that much of it focuses on keeping your business in the public eye. While approaching digital marketing this way isn’t going to produce instant results, you gain a greater advantage by keeping your business memorable to those who visit your site.

You can build more brand loyalty through digital marketing because these visitors are more likely to remember and recommend you. This is why digital marketing is a powerful tool to use when building greater brand awareness online. Here, we’ll discuss several ways you can boost your company’s brand awareness through these digital marketing strategies and make the process worthwhile.

1. Redesign Your Website

The first strategy to use when going about solving your lack of brand awareness is overhauling your website. It’s 2018, and it’s more important than ever to have a website that loads quickly on multiple devices. Not to mention many people browse the internet directly from their phone. Everything on your website has to work perfectly on smartphones or tablets or else people will lose interest, even if your content succinctly describes what your business does.

Redesigning your website also presents an opportunity for greater brand awareness. Business information will be more straightforward for customers to find, reducing the frustration they feel.

2. Blog More Often

Blogging allows you to strengthen your brand’s authority and lets you build stronger relationships towards your audience. By blogging a couple of times a week, you create an incentive for people to come back to your site. You also develop enough content to post on social media. If the content is compelling enough, customers on these websites will share it with others.

It will take consistency and patience to see results, but we promise. Blogging is worth your time if you’re willing to put forth the effort and tie it into your other digital marketing strategies.

3. Invest in PPC the Right Way

PPC, or pay-per-click advertising, is most useful when your website is still new and doesn’t have much organic traffic flowing yet. There’s an audience you can reach on Google and Facebook with paid ads, but there’s also paid advertising on Amazon, Snapchat, Instagram, and Pinterest to look into. However, you decide to launch your PPC marketing strategy, paying for ads is a worthy option to build brand awareness.

With a well-designed website, good keyword research, and a logical structure to your PPC campaigns, you’ll be able to reach those who care most about what you offer. There’s also location targeting and negative keywords you can add to your campaigns, narrowing down who sees your ads further. A huge mistake business owners often make with PPC campaigns is that there’s not enough optimization taking place on both the ads and the site, so much revenue is lost. PPC is not something you leave sitting there and requires daily monitoring and testing to see it through.

4. On-Page Search Engine Optimization

Optimizing each page on your website will be critical to your success in building greater brand awareness. You should seek the advice of an SEO professional on some of the ways you can get started with on-page SEO. It involves adding meta descriptions and title tags to each page, alt-text to images, adjusting URL structure, and compressing images. There’s both a creative and technical component to search engine optimization as it applies to your website.

Getting all these factors in shape is what will help your website get found by more people in search engines. It will be easier to get the traffic you need without having to blow up your marketing budget considerably.

5. Create an Email List

You should spend time working on your email marketing campaigns. As you start getting more traffic, direct people towards a newsletter they can sign up for. Start sending out emails with incentives to revisit your website. Try including exclusive discounts and promotions in your emails. Around 59% of businesses say that email marketing is their most effective channel for generating leads (WordStream). The reason is because on average, people check their email 15 times a day! There’s more than enough opportunity to get your brand out there.

6. Try Video Marketing

If you have the resources available, try to use video marketing to create more brand awareness. Create a YouTube channel and upload your company videos there. You can use search engine optimization to add relevant keywords to your videos and create titles for them that will get your business found. The great thing about YouTube is that Google will index the channel and display it in search results.

It’s another avenue for you to build brand awareness in more ways than one because you’re taking advantage of the search algorithms on both YouTube and Google. Sometimes, YouTube will also display your video in its recommendations, so even people who don’t know about your business may find your video that way too.

7. Social Media Marketing

Most people are using LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook in 2018, so social media marketing is a great way to spread brand awareness. It all depends on where your customers are. Take the time to research what your competition is up to and find out which social media marketing channels they’re using the most. Mimic their strategy and spend time on the websites which are going to boast the most ROI. Be consistent with your efforts and try to promote your content a few times a week. We have an article on social media marketing frequency you should check out when you have the chance.

8. Remarketing

Most people will only stay around your website for 59 seconds. The majority of them will never return to your site either. What’s the best way to tackle this problem and keep your brand alive in their minds? Look into remarketing, which is the practice of installing code on your website that tracks the behavior of site visitors. Even after they visit your site, you can use remarketing to motivate them to return.

9. Influencer Marketing

Start creating allies by finding people who share a lot in common with your business and stand to benefit. Interact with industry experts and others who would be interested in your content. Find out what networks they’re in and make an effort to join them. Post relevant comments on their website and social media and add value to the conversation. In influencer marketing, your goal is to establish strong relationships with others in your field. When it’s time to ask for favors, these influencers will be more open to helping you rather than sending unsolicited messages and spam.

10. Make a Scene

Sometimes, you can make enormous headway by offering your opinion on a topic about your field. Try providing an angle that hasn’t been discussed much before. You can even try to be a bit controversial with your approach. You’re going to attract more attention to your brand, positive and negative, going this way. This strategy won’t work for every business. It’s a risk to take, but it could pay off if you know how to think outside of the box and challenge your readers to think along the way.


These are the ten ways you can increase your company’s brand awareness with digital marketing. Try them out and see which ones work best. If you need help, contact our team at 470-440-3434 or email [email protected] for more information on our services. We hope you’ve found the information here to be beneficial for your needs.