There’s a misconception out there that you need to be some super genius coder to have a great website that can solve your most pressing business problems. For businesses without a website already, WordPress is a content management system where updates and changes can be made easily, all without any programming experience. Some of the biggest companies in the world use WordPress to power their website including MTV, TechCrunch, Bloomberg, and Disney (WPBeginner). Plenty of mid-size to large businesses also use WordPress and reap the benefits.

We use WordPress for all our client websites because it’s simple, easy-to-use. Our clients love how they’re able to log in the website itself and make whatever changes they see fit. If they want a different meta description, they could do so and see their updates live on the website. We’ll break down the reasons why you should be using WordPress for your business. You’ve probably heard about it before, but don’t know about the full extent of the power of WordPress.

Breaking it Down

We’ve heard all these misconceptions from business owners who were skeptical about integrating WordPress. They would say things like:

“Why do I need to bother with a web design company to build me some nonsense blogging thing with WordPress?”

“I need to get someone to hand code every single page on my site for it to be any good.”

“WordPress isn’t secure enough for me to take seriously as a platform for my business!”

“People won’t take my business seriously because the site was built on WordPress.”

If you have any doubts about WordPress, we’d like to help you move past these fears and help you realize how much more money you could be making. A lot of these concerns come from the confusion people have about the and domains. is a completely different animal from, and we don’t recommend it for a new business website., however, has a more powerful set of tools. In other words, WordPress isn’t just a blogging tool anymore. In recent years, WordPress has expanded to become one of the most flexible, open-source platforms to use.

WordPress Features

To break down the usefulness of WordPress further, we’ll highlight some of its most useful features your business benefits from:

Search Engine Optimization

WordPress is one of the cleanest options out there for developing the search engine optimization on your website. You can tell Google not to index your website and peruse the robots.txt file with just a few clicks. The Yoast SEO plugin helps you optimize website content for readability and keywords. With this plugin, you have full control over your meta tags, title tags, and meta descriptions which show in Google’s search results.

Manage Your Own Content

You have the power to manage and modify content in WordPress with a few clicks. You can use WordPress to update content on a page, create a new blog post, change the display date on posts, add images to a media library, and manage the administrators and editors on your site all from one powerful place! You even can enable comment moderation on any page where comments are allowed.

Extend Site Functionality with Plugins

WordPress is home to thousands of custom plugins which provide everything you need to build your business online. If you want a working e-commerce website, the WooCommerce plugin is one of the best to choose from for that purpose. SEO? Not a problem! The premium Yoast SEO plugin is loaded with features to make optimizing your website a walk in the park. Instead of having to hire a team of programmers to add these features for you, these plugins give you greater control over your business website with less of the costs.

Built for Mobile Devices

Responsive web design has grown in popularity in recent years as the number of people using phones for internet use has exploded. WordPress has many themes designed to work across all devices and web browsers. We personally love using Divi Builder by Elegant Themes because there are features built in to help us make our client websites completely responsive. Some of our other favorite plugins include:

  • Visual Form Builder Pro
  • Slider Revolution
  • WPJobBoard
  • Duplicate Page
  • Bloom

Website Security

With the right team, a website built on WordPress can be as secure as if it were built on any other platform. Compared to our competitors, our approach to building your site on WordPress is different than what you might expect. We integrate secure hosting and protection services from CloudFlare, Securi, R1Soft and use ManageWP for regular website backups and maintenance. We have hosting packages available if you’d like to take advantage of our all-inclusive web design and web development solutions for WordPress.

Compatibility with Anything

Trying to figure out how to integrate your Stripe account with WordPress or migrate your MailChimp email list? With WordPress, many of these companies also have plugins you can use. You’ll get an API key if you already have an account with these services. Usually, you’ll take the generated API key, find the appropriate settings in the plugin and save your changes. You have now configured the plugin to work with a third-party vendor.


In essence, WordPress is your one-stop-shop for maximizing your business prescence online. There are tons of cool plugins and site builders specifically made for WP like Divi Builder which help save you time and money in the long haul. Speak with one of our web design and SEO experts at Viridian Geeks at (470)-440-3434 or email [email protected] for a free consultation.