When it comes to SEO almost everyone has a different opinion. Even if you interview two different, industry experts, their views will most likely be different. This is because of the dynamic nature of SEO. When it comes to defining your SEO strategy, just focus on your goals and the fats. The first thing to do is to avoid the common mistakes that may be costly. Whether, on-page or off-page SEO, make sure you do it right.

Common mistakes to avoid include:

Avoid stuffing your keywords

Do not lie to yourself the number of keywords in a given article does not have much influence on your Google ranking. Instead, focus on high-quality keywords that are strategically positioned. Stuffing of keywords will only make your work look and sound unnatural, this is the last thing you want your readers to think of you. Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) by Google will definitely uncover the stuffing of phrases and this will definitely not work in your favor. Also, remember that not using keywords at all is considered a ‘sin’ in SEO. Keywords form the basis of SEO, therefore not using them means no SEO.

Duplicating content

This is another common SEO mistake that most writers make. Duplicating the content or thinly differentiating it to improve ranking does not work. Instead, you should concentrate on creating unique content that is long enough to be noticed by the Google SERPs.

Grammar and Spelling Errors

This is probably the most mistake that SEO writers do and assume it does not count. If your work if full of errors, rest assured that you wasted your time putting together that content because it will get the worst Google ranking there can be. If a reader is displeased with your work because of errors, Google SERPs will definitely not rank it as high as you would expect.

Use of Spammy links

If you go for the poor quality paid-for links, you have lost your way in SEO. This amongst the top common SEO mistakes that businesses and writers do. Always go for quality! Only quality links will help boost your rankings on Google SERPs. Therefore, invest in few but quality links that will give you ROI.

The speed of your website

The speed of your website really matter, and Google definitely puts this into consideration. Basically, anything that diminishes the experience of the user is taken into consideration by Google and will result in low rankings. Some aspects that affect the speed of your website include:

  • Overusing third-party ads and libraries
  • Not use a form of caching on your website
  • Use of images that take long to load due to size or quality
  • Lack of G-Zip compression
  • Lack of minified CSS and JavaScript files

Key Note:

Taking account of all the recommendations and avoiding the SEO common mistakes is the best and only way to win in this SEO game. Always invest in features and practices that will render long-term success for your website and your business. Look out for the experts and learn what they are doing. Learn, practice, rinse, and repeat.