Just like any other project, you need to have a plan when starting a web design project. Having a plan plays an important part in determining whether your web design project will be successful or not. It is important to understand that poor planning can cost you time, effort, and money in the future. The following are 6 things you should think through before you start your project.

The Purpose of the Website

This is an essential thing you need to determine before you start designing your website. However, we have seen many web designers starting a web design project without the purpose of the website in their mind. So, if you don’t have the purpose or know the aim of the website, how will you know if you are creating the website you need? Knowing the purpose of the site will allow you to have an easier time in the entire web design project.

Your Target Market

It is important to define the target market before you start designing the website. You need to clarify this before your project because it will affect most areas of the project, from the colors you are to use, theme and even content usability. Therefore, you need to have the target market in your mind during the entire web design process.

Do You Want Users to Find You In Google?

The dream of every web developer is for users to find them on Google. However, it is not a surprise that many sites go unnoticed by Google, simply because the designer did not factor this when creating the website. The thing is, most people have no idea about SEO (search engine optimization), and they usually expect their sites to appear in Bing or Google.

Who Will Design the Website?

You should be honest with yourself at this moment. Do you possess the necessary skills to create the website? You need to understand that simply because you have basic HTML skills you will be able to create the website. When you choose to contract a web designer, ensure that you choose a designer who you can work with for a period of time. It is important to understand that designing a website isn’t something you can do within a few days. Rather, it is usually a long-term project.

The Cost of Managing a Website

It is important to consider the costs associated with managing a website before the project starts. You need to determine the costs of setting up your website, as well as the costs of maintaining the website every month. You need to understand that the end goal of your website is to help you generate income rather than spend money to manage it.

Would You Like to Receive Feedback From Those Who Visit Your Site?

It is important to consider whether the main objective of the site is to receive feedback from its visitors. If that is the main purpose, then you need to notify the visitors that you would like some feedback from them. In addition, you need to design the website in a manner that your visitors can leave their feedback easily. This can happen through basic comment form or contact form. Remember, it is always a good thing to ensure that your visitors have an easy time when they visit your site.