In the world of online marketing, it is common to find new terms to define actions and strategies that have been applied for some time. The data-based marketing (Data-Driven Marketing) is one of those concepts that, thanks to the benefits, you begin to use in many companies and businesses.

Also, is that, although it has all the sense of the world, online marketing does not always make decisions based on data, so that the desired results are not always achieved.

Let’s review what this Data-Driven Marketing is and how we can apply it to the strategy of our brand on the Internet.


“The collection of information allows us to make a decision based on real data, as well as experience or intuition.”


What is Data-based Marketing?

The rise of web analytics tools and online advertising platforms such as Google or Facebook have allowed access to a massive amount of data about users. In addition, for the most part, this information is available both for organizations with vast resources and for small businesses that start their journey in the network.

By selecting and organizing this knowledge, marketers have gone from basing their actions on intuition and experience, to defining their strategies based on real information from their target audience or existing users. In this way, data-based Marketing is born.

The key to this new scenario is to be able to define the right moment to reach the right user with the right piece of communication. And how do we get this information?


Data-based Marketing Information Sources

More and more tools and platforms are increasingly being used to collect data or use them for commercial purposes. As online marketing professionals, we will have access to all this information through sources such as:

  • Own Web Analytics Tools
  • Analytics of other individual online channels (for example, our e-mailing platform)
  • CRMs
  • Social networks
  • Advertising platforms with campaign planners
  • Other online tools (for example, Google Trends)
  • Offline information

Before these and many other sources of data, it will be necessary to integrate and organize all this information so that it is really useful when making decisions that affect our online strategy.


What do we do with all this information?

From the analysis of this information, we must be able to detect patterns of behavior and trends of our users, which will help us to define our marketing actions.

We can act manually, reviewing information with our team, or use automatic learning tools, which are responsible for detecting the best moments to perform a communicative action.

For example, after analyzing the results of the previous year of our newsletters delivery system and our e-commerce, we detected that there is a high percentage of users who, after adding products to the cart, abandon the process before paying. Inquiring more into this behavior, we detect that a large part of them live outside the peninsula, so they have to pay extra for the shipment. With this information, we can automate the sending of discount coupons for the shipment only at this time.

Other key concepts linked to Data-Driven Marketing are the testing of actions, the measurement of results or the correct visualization of data in control panels or reports.

Data-based Marketing is the present for many companies. Those that do not yet use the collection of information as part of their marketing

strategy should adapt or begin to fall behind. If you want to start making decisions based on data in your online business, at Viridian Geeks we will be happy to help you.