First of all a small introduction: the set of techniques responsible for improving the marketing of products or services is known as online marketing. The main function of online marketing is to follow a certain kind of parameters or rules that make it much more efficient to attract new customers or consumers.

Ok, now, about “non-intrusive” online marketing. What is the difference between intrusive and non-intrusive? Basically one: quality. It is about selecting the audience for their interests, challenges, and objectives. Then you have to know the channels and how often we are going to communicate with them.


Steps to design “non-invasive” online marketing strategies on my company’s website

1.- Determine the audience to which your Marketing campaigns will be directed:

This step is the most important, and therefore, it is the first thing you must do to design marketing strategies. To do so, you will have to have full control of the product or service that you are going to offer the world and determine to what kind of people it is directed.

A very simple way to determine your audience is considering the following aspects:

  • Age, sex and other demographic features of importance.
  • Type of people, consumers or customers that you want to attract to your products or services.
  • Interests of consumers.
  • What kind of consumers are more likely to buy my product. You can do this with surveys to gather information.

2.- Adapt the product for internet marketing:

Once the audience to which the Marketing will be directed is defined, it needs to be adapted so that it can be marketed online. In that sense, it should be understood that you would no longer be selling a product as such, but rather by solving some of the user’s own needs. That being the case, then try to answer the following questions:

  • Why should customers buy from me?
  • What is the difference of my product or service with that of the competition?
  • How do I plan to market my product?
  • What kind of relationship or feeling can users have with my product?
  • How is my product easier to find online?

Defined and having found these answers, you will be one step closer to having the perfect online marketing strategy.

3.- Establish an assertive communication with clients:

For Online Marketing to be “non-invasive,” it is necessary that you know your clients exhaustively. What better way to do it than with good customer service?. If you have it, you can have a direct channel to interact with those who are interested in your products and thus make marketing more effective.

4- Outline the action plan and contents for the “non-invasive” Marketing:

At this point, you will have to use planning. Arrived here, you will have to implement SEO tools, market studies, measurement strategies and everything that makes up marketing as such to grow the company in the best possible way.


Be completely sure that if you follow these 4 steps to do digital marketing, this will not be invasive. Quite the contrary, it will be perfectly cemented on the web and will attract as many customers as possible. Remember that it is not about bombarding the digital media with information about your company, but instead communicating this information most appropriately, in the most propitious places.

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