Web design is a subject that is ever changing than any other print media—thanks to the growth in technology. In 2017, we experienced a lot of changes and new trends in web development and design. That made a lot of people to be anxious about what to expect in 2018, and that didn’t disappoint. In 2018, we have seen new web design trends, which have pushed the industry a notch higher. Let’s look at some of the latest web design trends this year.

Cautiously Crafted Typography

Even though we know that the essence of fonts is not something new in web design, we have seen a lot of creativity in this area in 2018. The growth of new design methods has given today’s web designers the freedom to play around with better and bigger fonts. Although it is essential for companies to discover the correct balance between the foreground font and background images, typography has given today’s web designers a new range of possibilities to play around with.

Creativity in Formatting

As people start to analyze the new trends in web design each year, they analyze things such as the colors, as well as the available scrolling patterns. However, the basis of how web design is done has started to change in 2018. Today, web designers have greater and better control over how they render elements on web pages.

Things like static-print design are becoming history, simply because of the idea that a web experience should be engaging and dynamic. Most web designs in 2018 have started to capitalize on CSS grid, as well as Flexbox system. These assist in making the layout of a website more dynamic. In addition, we have started to see things such as overlapping images and texts.  These also provide more-modern tactics to web designers who require an interesting, but simple mobile-friendly web design.

Improved Graphics

In 2018, web designers have gone a step further. They are now becoming bolder with their design ideas, and they are ever changing the format and layout of web pages. Today, color is one of the areas where web designers have been able to display their creativity.

The Pantone choice of color—UltraViolet has been very bold in 2018. This choice has been one of the greatest web design trends in 2018. It involves the usage of brighter, as well as more interesting colors in the design of modern websites.

In addition, we’ve been able to experience better graphics in 2018. Web designers have re-introduced drop shadow, which is now bigger than before. In addition, web developers are now aiming in making their shadowing have a more natural appearance.

Geometric Elements

Today, it feels a bit bizarre when we think that many people are attracted to old-fashioned shapes and concepts in a period when the world is moving aggressively to the future. However, this makes some sense in a way. The digital world is turning out to be complex every day. This, in turn, has forced people to desire things that are safe and familiar to them.