As in any discipline linked to creativity, web design requires a series of tools that facilitate the work of the professionals and allow them to develop all their inventiveness without limitations.

In the current context, a web designer uses, mainly, web tools and software specific to his field: image editors, graphic resource libraries, reference websites … and a long list of tools that change over time.

Beyond offering a list of names (something we will also do), we will review what kind of tools are essential for a web designer to prepare the best possible design.


“The tools will make the web designer’s job easier, but his creativity will remain key to success.”


Image editor for the web designer

Both for large elements that are part of the final design of a website and for small details and retouching, a professional in this sector must have an image editing program.

Although there are free alternatives, the dominator in this type of software is still Adobe Photoshop. It should also be noted that certain designers prefer to work with vector image editors. Each with its advantages and disadvantages will be the designer who decides which tool to use or even use both in their work.


Wireframe tools

Before defining what the visual aspect of a website will look like, the idea is to specify which elements will make up each page and what structure will be followed: a wireframe is established.

There are specific applications prepared explicitly for this task, being some of the most popular Sketch or Adobe XD.


Banks of images for web designer

Images play an essential role in most web designs. But finding the right picture is not always an easy task for a professional in the sector.

Therefore, there are professional image banks with a large volume of photographs and other visual resources available to the web designer.

Without leaving aside the quality of the images, in this type of tool, it is essential to be able to search under different criteria: keyword, color, style, size, type of file, license …


Library of fonts, icons and other graphics resources

In addition to the images, web design will use fonts and icons. Therefore, a web designer should have a wide range of sources of these resources where to find the most suitable for your project.


Reference sources for web designer

Whether they are other websites or visual styles of different media (advertising, press, television …), every web designer will have several directories of references and visual examples through which to draw inspiration for their designs.


Prototype display tools

Although we have the possibility of sending the web design proposal to the client in image or PDF format, some tools allow you to visualize the design prototype as if it were already hanging on the web, even simulate behaviors such as clicks or small animations.

This allows a greater understanding by the client of what will be the final design of your website. One of the most used tools in this regard is InVision.

There are still more tools focused on web design that cover other aspects of this process, but we have defined the most fundamental ones for every professional in the sector. In Viridian Geeks we work with these and many other utilities, but they would not be very useful if we did not have a great web design team, which carries out each of our clients’ projects with great passion and dedication.