It’s time to start looking at SEO differently. Conventional wisdom would have you believe that if you get a bunch of backlinks on a lot of high-authority sites that you would be able to increase your website domain and page authority theoretically. In some cases, you could see an effect, but only if what you want to post is of value to anyone or something unique that hasn’t been discussed dozens of times before.

Otherwise, from direct experience, you should be spending way more time using social media marketing to build your brand and authority and get people talking about your business. A big mistake business owners make is when they pay so-called “guest posting” services to spam bad content onto websites and find out later the SEO on their website has plummeted to nearly nothing because of Google’s penalities on the spam backlinks generated.

In this post, we’re giving you a fresh perspective on a topic that’s been misconstrued by many digital marketers. If you’re tired of being flim flamed by scam companies that don’t know what they’re talking about, then you’ve come to the right place.

The Facts

• More people then ever are using social media to find businesses that suit their needs. 45% of Americans have interacted with companies on at least one social network like LinkedIn or Facebook.
• Content continues to be one of the biggest ranking factors in SEO. Without content, you have no SEO, and without SEO, there’s not so much of a clear focus with what kind of audiences you want to attract to your website.
• Most content goes unread because there wasn’t any promotion done for it at all, roughly 90-95%. There’s no point in creating tons of content for your site without distributing it properly.

When you put things into perspective, backlinks seem like a too good to be true concept. Even if you decide to pursue the route of guest posting and blogging, you are still going to need excellent content done with love, passion, and care, something very hard to come by in such a competitive industry in digital marketing.

What we suggest you do instead is start using pay-per-click and social media advertising to reach new audiences and have your content reach as many people as possible. Keep reading and we’ll briefly cover some of the ways you can leverage PPC and social media marketing into your content marketing and SEO strategy.

Stop throwing away your ROI down the toilet when you agree to let one of those guest posting “bloggers” do something where you can achieve much faster results for a fraction of the price just through Facebook Ads and the post boosting features on the site.

Why You Shouldn’t Waste Time and Money With Guest Blogging Services

SEO is a constantly evolving field. You can’t expect the stuff you knew ten years ago to work now with Google’s algorithm becoming more stringent on what’s acceptable for website content. When finding a professional SEO and content marketer to help you, what will matter most is their last few years of experience.

The same goes for PPC. Stay away from professionals who have not been active in the industry for over a year or two. In that time, there will probably be many fast-paced changes in these industries to the point where the knowledge these people can provide won’t be as effective anymore.

Furthermore, don’t even trust what some of the top folks in the industry have to say either. We’ve read some pretty wacky stuff on SEO and PPC from people who aren’t even actively involved in the day-to-day process of managing SEO and PPC campaigns. When you’ve worked with a bunch of clients and have been involved directly in devising SEO, PPC, and social media marketing strategies and executing on them, you will find that the “advice” you got from the top guys in digital marketing doesn’t always work in practice.

In short, guest blogs are useless unless you really have something valuable and unique to say that hasn’t been said dozens of times before. If the post isn’t made on a place where people are actually reading, then you’re also wasting your time. It’s best to go directly to platforms where everyday people spend most of their time either through Google, LinkedIn, or Facebook.

If you do decide to do guest posts, only use them when you’re able to reach out to a very credible, high authority site and have an article you want to share with a unique angle on a topic. In other words, there’s nothing wrong with high-quality guest posts, but we recommend that you don’t get sucked into the hype of relying on scam companies that will only post your website URL on spammy websites with little value to customers.

What Should You Try Instead for Backlinks and Brand Promotion?

As we’ll keep emphasizing throughout the post, you need to look at SEO as part of the larger picture in digital marketing. Once you have the basic on-page SEO and content on your site, you need to shift your focus to marketing your brand and getting as much exposure as possible through social media marketing channels and websites like Quora.

You have to prove that your company is out there to provide real value to people. By focusing more on your social media branding and PPC campaigns, you will build a stronger foundation to position your company as an authority on products and services you sell. To start, make sure you have social media accounts on the following websites:

• Facebook
• LinkedIn
• YouTube

These are the three main social media accounts you will need, although you should also look at making an account on Instagram and Pinterest too. Even Tumblr is a possible option if you regularly post content on your blog and need another way to share it with people.

On these accounts, you need to actively promote your content and any deals you have running at the moment. When you start promoting your company on multiple social media networks, look into using a social media management tool like Hootsuite or Sendible to keep yourself organize. These tools will allow you create social media posts ahead of time and set a schedule.

Once you have enough social media posts (we recommend that you have a regular stream of social media content for at least a month), pick some of the best posts and content and use them for paid ads. On Facebook for example, you can pay to boost your posts or run Facebook Ads to drive traffic to your site or increase post engagement.

What About PPC?

PPC is more about getting more immediate sales on your website. Once you have good on-page SEO, it will be easier to get decent quality scores on keywords through Google Adwords, one of our favorite PPC marketing tools. Go through the keyword research process we have discussed on the blog and find appropriate keywords to develop your PPC ad copy. If you don’t remember much about how keyword research can work for your business, here’s a short overview on the basics.

1. Determine Your Niche
2. Come Up With a Keyword List in Excel
3. Find Other Related Keywords
4. Check Your Competitors
5. Use Google Trends
6. Include Local Areas
7. Pick Your Keywords
8. Monitor and Optimize Your SEO & PPC Campaigns

When you’ve completed all these steps, we recommend you learn how to do copywriting for PPC ads. One of the greatest books on writing ad copy that sells would be from Gary Marshall who wrote The Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords. He shows you a step-by-step process on how to create winning PPC ad copy that will convert and help win over new customers.

His philosophy on creating PPC ads comes from the 80/20 rule, which says that 20% of what you’ll do in PPC will result in over 80% of your results. In our experience running Adwords campaigns for clients, this has rung true.

The main things that matter the most when creating your PPC campaigns come from having an attention-grabbing headline, a bunch of benefits mentioned in the ad copy, a compelling call-to-action at the end, and using extensions listing the business phone number, sitelinks to services on the website, and price extensions.

Other Ways to Have a Winning Backlink Strategy

You’ve leveraged social media and PPC to drive traffic to your site and to expand your backlinks, but what are other ways you can create backlinks? Well, you can look into getting positive testimonials from your current customers and posting them on your website. Motivate them to post reviews onto Yelp and Google. Use the testimonials to create new content you can use to link back to your site on social media and make whole blog posts centered around these as well.

Reach out to top influencers on the websites you’re most active on. Repost their content onto your channel and share your own unique insights and reactions. Without knowing it, you may even get a high-quality link back to your website as long as you are genuine in your efforts to commend someone on their content and explain how it has positively impacted your online marketing efforts for your business.

As long as you have great quality content on your website that positions you as an expert in your industry, these other tactics are going to bear fruit for your business. Through SEO, content marketing, social media marketing, and paid ads, you will be able to drive more traffic and generate greater sales. That’s why putting in the extra effort into your online marketing will pay off. You don’t need to cheapen your brand by letting guest blogging companies that don’t know what they’re doing post your website URL to potentially harmful sites which can destroy your SEO rankings.

You deserve better, and that’s why you should contact our digital marketing experts at Viridian Geeks, an Atlanta digital marketing agency that does internet marketing much differently. Our digital marketing professionals challenge conventional wisdom and find new, fresh solutions to your problems rather than blindly going with the status quo.

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