Google Adwords has been offering companies the opportunity to take their users through advertisements for 18 years. But like everything, you have to evolve. As of July 24 Google Adwords says goodbye to welcome Google Ads.

One of the main reasons for this change is the diversification of the brand strategy in different channels. Previously, Adwords focused its efforts on offering users ads that appeared on search networks based on keyword bids. Likewise, Google has gone from having 350 advertisers to more than 1 million, but that, they have seen the great need to guide their strategy as well as how to offer their services to companies.

“New image, New features.”

Those of us who work with Google Adwords, have been living with more than 1 year with two versions: the old and the new interface. Until last July began to work with the new platform.

The colors have changed (from the white background to black background). And the menu has been incorporated in the left and vertical loop.


Google has wanted to present all its products and divide them into 3 unique platforms:

  • Google Ads: used to make PPC campaigns.
  • Google Marketing Platform: It is designed to measure campaigns. It has unified DoubleClick Digital Marketing and Analytics 360 functionalities.
  • Google Ad Manager: Designed for publishers. Here you will see the features of Doubleclick Ad Exchange as Doubleclick For Publishers.

With the new platform, Google Ads has divided it into 2 main functionalities:

1. Keyword planner

In comparison to the previous version, they have simplified it a lot. Before you could segment and you could even select the sector that interested you in working.

Some advantages that the new planner has is that we can see the seasonality of each keyword, which before we had to go to Google Trends to find out. The bid is no longer suggested, but instead, you are given two columns with 2 bid types: by high and low range. The first one shows you the bid in which we will have to pay if we want our ad to go out first or second. On the other hand, the low interval shows us the bid to exit in 3rd or 4th position or at the bottom of the page.

But not all are advantages, the drawback of the planner is that there are limited to a total of 3 keywords, that is before you could put a series of keywords to analyze, but now it is not possible. If of the 3 words that you have added, there is some that do not interest, it is deleted, and another word is added.

2. Opportunities function

Google Ads will suggest business opportunities to optimize your campaigns to the maximum. Up to here everything perfect. The inconvenience appears at the moment when Google notifies you were saying that if during a certain period you have not pronounced, the tool will automatically apply the changes.

And what do you think of the new version of Google Adwords?