Being the first one is not easy because it requires hard and constant work, also because the first one could be just one site among thousands or millions that respond to the same search query. The way to achieve this goal is not only the launch of Adword campaigns, which go beyond a discourse purely related to SEO; In fact, it is possible to obtain visibility in a so-called organic, that is, natural way.


I want my website to appear in the top positions

Yes, of course, we all want, but Google is the one that decides. We do SEO positioning, and Google says who should appear in the top positions.

Therefore, we must be clear about how Google decides who appears before and who later. And that is determined by the algorithms that it uses.


What are Google’s algorithms?

As has been said, what really matters to have more visibility in Google is SEO, that series of strategies designed to increase the visibility of a site in search engines. The strategies are multiple and can cover different aspects of a website: HTML code, text content, inbound and outbound links, the structure of it, all these elements that must be optimized to be the first in search engines in general and Google in particular.

When you search on Google, it finds the web pages corresponding to the query of the individual search and establishes the order of the results because only one site will appear first. This is because Google programs control the index to determine the most relevant search results to return accurately.

The sites are scanned with Googlebot, which reveals new and updated pages to add to the Google index. Obviously, Googlebot uses an algorithm: software programs determine the sites to be analyzed, the frequency and the number of pages that will be retrieved from each site. Googlebot processes each scanned page to compile a massive index of all the words identified and their positions on each page. Google also handles information between the key content tags and the ALT tag title or attributes.

When a user enters a query, the Google machines look for the corresponding pages in the index, then return the results that are considered more relevant, giving more visibility in the search to the site that responds the most.

Until recently, the importance of the page was determined taking into account the main factor, PageRank, an analysis algorithm is now no longer used, instead of which has been replaced by TrustRank, a more complex index, a non-measurable value but that still allows Google to establish the authority of a particular page.


How Google crawls our web pages for SEO

Well, through the Crawlers. And what is a Crawler? Well, it is a piece of programming code that has a unique goal in your life: Crawl web pages, read them and take the information to a server.

No more no less.

Therefore, when Google Crawlers enter the content of a web page do not believe or for a moment that you will delight with your images or the great design that you have created, basically because crawlers cannot see.

Instead, what they are going to do is read the source code of your page from top to bottom and take it to the server so that it is the latter that processes it and ponders the positioning signals (the algorithms we talked about earlier) that has that web page.

You will then wonder how the marketing people fill their mouths when talking about user experience and how it affects as a positioning factor in Google and here I have to be very clear with you:

Google takes user experience data from another side, mainly from the time a user spends on the landing page.

That is why the content strategy of a web page is so important. We must get the attention of the users and let them read or listen to what we have to tell them.

From our web design agency, we offer you all the resources to get you to appear in the top positions of Google searches.