Whether in late 2017 or early 2018, the new version of Google Search Console began to be extended to all users and websites that used it. Beyond the change in the visual style of the interface, Google introduced new features and left many others on the way.

During this period both the new version of Search Console (in Beta phase) and the previous one have coexisted. But a few days ago, after a few weeks of intense changes, the Mountain View company announced that the new experience was leaving the testing phase and becoming the official version.

Even so, the previous interface is still active, since several characteristics of it have not been transferred to the new one.

We are going to analyze what new features and improvements Google has introduced in these last weeks in Search Console.


“New features arrive, but others are abandoned in this new version of Google Search Console.”


URL inspection tool

In early summer, one of the most useful features of the new version was added to Search Console: the URL inspection tool.

By entering a URL of our domain, we can view information regarding the tracking and indexing of it, starting from two possible scenarios:

  • If the URL is not indexed, we will know why and what we can do to solve it.
  • If the URL is already indexed, we will be offered the details of its optimization and what improvements we can apply.

The information comes from the data stored by Google, but we can try the current version of the page through the “Test published URL” button.


Detail of structured data for Recipes

If we have incorporated the Schema specification linked to recipes on our website with the aim of showing an improved result in the Google SERPs, the Recipes report will provide us with information on whether our implementation is correct.


Extension of the temporary data range

One of the star characteristics of this new version of Search Console since its launch was the possibility to visualize data up to 16 months ago. Given that previous experience only allowed 90 days of metrics, this improvement was one of the most acclaimed among users.

Now, Google has also extended this time range to extract data from Search Console through the API.


New appearance filters in the search engine

The Performance report incorporated from the beginning the possibility of filtering the data according to the appearance of the results in the search engine of our pages, including those with an enriched snippet. Now, this functionality is also extended to include Web Light and Google Play Instant results.


New report Unified links

Google has grouped the previous reports of Links to your site and internal links in a new section Links, which offers the same information.


Mobile usability

Very similar to the previous one, the Mobile Usability report incorporates a new button to verify the changes introduced.


Management of users and properties

In the field of the user and permit management, new functionality has been introduced: the possibility of sharing a report. This will allow us to generate a link so that an external user can access only that report, being able just to view the information.


What is missing in this new version of Search Console?

Google has commented that there are still some features to be activated in the new version of Search Console. Some of the most relevant are:

  • Messages
  • Structured data and Rich cards
  • Data Marker
  • HTML improvements
  • International segmentation
  • Remove URLs
  • Tracking statistics
  • txt tester
  • URL parameters
  • Security issues

It is not clear if all these functionalities will become part of the new experience. From Viridian Geeks we will keep you informed of all the news of this SEO tool and all the news of the organic positioning.