As you may already know, writing is a big part of any successful SEO, copywriting, or digital marketing campaign. When developing any content, it must be readable enough for your audience to understand. Any glaring errors or mistakes and you’ve lost yourself several customers, not to mention face possible repercussions from Google. It’s easy to think that all you have to do is write constantly and you’ll improve. In some ways, there’s some truth to this statement. However, it’s also easy to pick up some bad habits in your writing, like relying too much on passive voice.

Without someone to critique your writing, you wouldn’t be able to notice as quickly. But with a powerful tool like Grammarly, it will show you all the mistakes you’re making in real time and offer suggestions for improvement. It’s different from many other proofreading tools because it provides a robust analysis of where you can improve as you go along.

In this guide, we’ll show you some of the coolest things Grammarly has to offer and how you can take your SEO, copywriting, and digital marketing skills to the next level for your business. We’ll also show you how this tool aided in providing superior service for all our clients.

How to Get Started with Grammarly

Grammarly is very easy to get started with. It comes as a free add-on you can install onto Google Chrome from the website. Once you install the add-on, it will be active on anything you write, whether you’re writing some ads on Facebook or leaving a comment in WordPress or YouTube.

If you’re a Windows or Mac user, go to the website, and you’ll see a screen that looks like this:

grammarly installation screen

Click on the download button and go through the installation process. Open up Grammarly, and you now have access to this screen where you can text from Microsoft Word, Google Drive, or anywhere else you’re creating your SEO-optimized content.

For Windows users, there’s also an add-on directly compatible with both Microsoft Word and Microsoft Outlook, where you can find in the below link:

There are a free version and premium version of Grammarly too, so if you’re entirely new, we suggest trying out the former. From our experience though, we prefer working with Grammarly as an installable desktop app, and you’ll see why in a moment.

When you’re satisfied with the results, upgrade to the Premium version because you also will have a built-in plagiarism checking tool that compares your copy to millions of other sites and gives you a percentage of how much your text matches to other sites.

You can avoid hefty DMCA lawsuits and always be sure that your content is original and not taken from other sources. Here’s one of our earlier blog posts that we ran the plagiarism tool to be on the safe side:

example of plagiarism in grammarly

Look at how quickly this tool detected the plagiarism on this post. This is a post already published on our site, so Grammarly matched up all the text perfectly. You don’t have to spend money using other tools like Copyscape when Grammarly does it all for you! How cool is that? However, that’s not all!

The SEO Content Creation Process with Grammarly

When we start creating new content for our clients, we always write a rough draft of it in Microsoft Word. The same is done for social media posts, press releases, and email marketing letters. Microsoft Word only tells you about more apparent errors and typos, so it’s not the best tool alone for the job.

After we create the content, we go into the Grammarly desktop app and click on the “New” button. There’s an option to import Word documents and PDFs directly into Grammarly. It extracts the text directly from your document so you can make changes.

Now, you’ll see this blank screen where you enter the title of your post and paste the content you have. In this case, we’ve decided to use text from this blog post we’ve written as a demonstration.

blank grammarly writing screen

Go ahead and copy and paste your content using CTL + V if you’re on Windows, or Command + V if you’re a MacOS user.

Once you’ve done that, a pop-up will appear asking you to set up goals for your content. It’s a tool that figures out the context of your writing and tailors the suggestions based on your intent and specified audience. You can choose from the following:

Intent: Inform, Describe, Convince, or Tell a Story
Audience: General, Knowledgeable, or Expert
Style: Formal or Informal
Emotion: Mild or Strong
Domain: General (default), Academic, Business, Technical, Creative, or Casual

For most of our blog articles and content, we tend to have our settings like this since we’re writing for business owners and people who want help with SEO, digital marketing, and web design.

grammarly writing goals

We usually leave the emotion part unchanged unless there was a strong persuasive element to the content we’re creating at that time.

Click “Done,” and Grammarly analyzes your content and gives you a score from a scale of 0 to 100.

The content written so far has a score of 90. The higher your score, the fewer mistakes your content has. 100 is the highest possible score you can get, and that hinges on how many detectable errors are present in your content. Grammarly’s FAQ page explains what’s happening in more detail:

“Your Grammarly rank depends on the alert density (the number of alerts per text unit) of your document. Different alerts have different weights (orthographic and grammatical mistakes subtract more points than other mistakes). The rank is intended to demonstrate your progress during text editing.”

In our website copy, Grammarly detected errors in grammar, punctuation, formality, confidence, clarity, variety, and vocabulary. We’ll briefly look at a few of these insights, so you can later go through and play around with Grammarly on your own.

The vocabulary category had the most errors, so we’ll take a look at what those are. Click on the category, and you’ll start from the beginning of your document. Grammarly not only shows you where the problems are but explains the reasoning behind the mistake.

Here, Grammarly suggests that the word “bad” could be replaced by “wrong” because it’s a less overused word. Click on the bottom right corner of the pop-up to see an example of clearer writing.

writing mistake explanations in more detail

Here are some more examples of the mistakes Grammarly found:

confidence writing error in grammarly seo punctuation writing mistake variety writing mistake

Click on the new suggestion in green, and Grammarly automatically updates your document for you. There are also options to disregard the idea altogether, which is useful for those times that Grammarly isn’t accurate or understands the context of your website copy.

If you want to check readability, that’s also easy. Click on insights, and you’ll see this screen now:

seo readability

You’ll see exactly how long your content is, how many minutes it would take for someone to read it, and there’s even a readability score at the bottom to save you even more time. Yoast SEO’s readability index is helpful too, though Grammarly gets a little bit more specific on the word and sentence lengths.

There’s also an option to download Grammarly’s findings as a PDF. It doesn’t tell you that much more, though we did like these short explanations:

writing mistake explanations and improvement opportunities

Would We Recommend Grammarly for Business Owners, SEO Professionals, and Copywriters?

Grammarly isn’t perfect. Sometimes, the suggestions, even on advanced mode, aren’t as accurate, making it necessary to still review certain aspects of your writing. Despite these minor pain points, it is by far the best, most time-saving proofreading tool you can have, especially if you sign up for the Premium version, which costs as little as $11.66 a month if you choose to buy the Annual Plan. The Advanced suggestions are worth it for the price alone and get far more specific with how you can improve your writing each time.

Business owners, SEO professionals, copywriters, digital marketers, and anyone else seeking to improve their writing skills will greatly benefit. It has also certainly helped us provide higher quality SEO and digital marketing to all our clients. We hope this tutorial answered many questions you might have about Grammarly.

Please share this article if you found the information beneficial for your needs and leave a comment below to tell us about your experiences using Grammarly. You can also give our SEO experts a call at 470-440-3434 or email [email protected] for more information about what we do to help businesses achieve greater success in SEO.