When it comes to performing well in SEO, every detail of your website can make a significant impact. It’s not enough to have a pretty looking design or lots of outstanding content, although both will help reduce website bounce rates.

One of the big reasons many websites don’t have good search engine rankings at all is because there’s a lack of quality hosting. The websites may run extremely slow, or there’s a problem with excessive downtime.

Bottom line, having good quality web hosting is going to make a difference in your SEO. Your customers will trust you more and stay on your website longer too. With that said, here are the seven critical reasons you need high-quality web hosting for your small business website.

1. Reduce Page Speed Load Times

Recently, Google announced that mobile page speed loading time would now be a factor in search engine rankings. It is more important than ever to have a website that loads quickly on all browsers and devices, especially on smartphones and tablets.

Your website is in good shape if you have extremely high uptime. Uptime is how often your site remains available for website visitors. Downtime is what you’d expect: it includes times where your site is down, and your customers aren’t able to browse any pages at all.

It’s a frustrating experience for many parties involved, and you shouldn’t have to deal with any of it. Be sure that if you already have web hosting on your website that there’s a content delivery network associated with yours.

A content delivery network or CDN helps improve your website speed by making your website’s content available at all times by sending cached versions of website pages to nearby data centers.

2. Target Local Audiences Better

You’ll gain a major advantage with your SEO by having secure web hosting and an IP address that matches the geographical location of where you do business. Avoid using servers which are outside of your area. For example, it wouldn’t make much sense for a US-based company to have their servers outside of the country.

Likewise, the same principle would apply to a business located in Alpharetta that has their web server based in Los Angeles or somewhere else further away. If you run a local business, try to have your servers located in the nearest city like Atlanta. Plus, server location also plays a role in the speed of your website.

3. Improve Your Reputation

Google wants to provide the best results from reputable companies to its users. Therefore, having excellent web hosting will help make your website more legitimate. Many unethical websites lack adequate web hosting and don’t provide a safe experience for customers. There are so many cases of data breaches because webmasters didn’t take the time to adequately secure the website and protect the customer’s confidential information.

4. Maximize Uptime

As you can tell, uptime is highly critical in keeping your website visitors happy. You should aim to have your website uptime at 99.9% and keep downtime to a minimum. You should be worried if your site is frequently experiencing a lot of downtime, especially periods greater than 43 minutes each month.

Google’s search engine bots will get confused when crawling through your website and all that SEO you’ve built up over a period of time will be significantly affected. The worst-case scenario is that your website goes down several pages in search results, which would require months of work to regain those rankings.

5. Keep Confidential Information Secure

One of the advantages of having web hosting on your website is the ability to protect visitor information. Good web hosting will have an SSL (Secured Sockets Layer) certificate.

An SSL certificate is a key which encrypts information on your website and allows secure website sessions to take place. It will have a serial number, an expiration date, a public key, and a digital signature. Websites that have an SSL certificate will have a URL that begins with HTTPS instead of HTTP. At Viridian Geeks, all of our client websites have SSL certificates enabled.

6. Dedicated IP Addresses Reduce Bad SEO

A common mistake business owners make is getting a shared hosting plan for their sites. Shared hosting means you share the same IP with a bunch of other websites. This can be problematic if a lot of those other sites are spammy and use black-hat SEO. Avoid this problem by getting a dedicated hosting plan where you get a specific IP address for your website exclusively.

7. Stop DDoS Attacks

Without secure web hosting, your website is vulnerable to all sorts of attacks by hackers. They can use DDoS attacks to make your website unresponsive and take your sites down completely. In early 2018 alone, there was a 50% increase in DDoS attacks on websites, so this is another factor to consider when deciding to add secure web hosting to your website. It also goes to show how volatile the internet has become and how having secure web hosting can better prepare your website for the worst.


You can be doing everything else right on your site from having appealing web design to having the best content out of anyone in your industry. However, all of your hard work there will go out the window without secure web hosting to keep your website available at all times.

Not having secure web hosting leaves your site vulnerable to DDoS attacks and massive drops in your website SEO. Don’t take chances by taking web hosting for granted. Call us at 470-440-3434 or email [email protected] if you’re interested in protecting your website with our web hosting services.