To stand out from the rest of your competition, cookie-cutter templates and websites built on Wix and Weebly aren’t going to help you much. Sure, these options are super cheap on the surface, but there’s a catch. Actually, there are many catches. There are going to be times where you need a much more advanced solution to specific problems you’re having. Furthermore, getting a customized website design from our company will allow your brand to shine.

77% of agencies believe that their greatest shortfall lies in UX and UI design. The reason this type of design is important to have is that you’re far more likely to satisfy someone’s needs when they visit your website. There are too many sites out there that look bad and make it as confusing as possible to find anything too. Fewer people stay on your site for that long, and your bounce rate suffers, causing your SEO to take a dip.

For these reasons, we’ve developed a much better alternative to what a lot of web design companies in Atlanta are offering now. We always look at the big picture and your business to determine what web design you’ll need to produce results, leads, and sales. Here are the top 10 reasons you need to hire our web design team for your business today!

1. We Make It Easy for You to Add Your Own Content

All of our sites are built on WordPress, one of the top content management systems used by many Fortune 500 companies. The reason WordPress is so popular is that there’s no shortage of useful plugins that help your business grow. Our clients can create blog posts and post other content whenever they need to. We take care of the on-page SEO of the content you want on the website too.

2. Extensive SEO Knowledge

The web designs we have produced for past and present clients have always had on-page SEO added. We’ve kept track of the SEO performance of the many of the sites we’ve built. There have also been several times where we wholly designed existing sites and the SEO skyrocketed just a few months after relaunching the sites.

Plus, our web designers know how to compress website images without compromising quality. This ensures that each site we create loads quickly from any device.

We understand that keeping people on your site for the longest time sends positive signals to Google’s search algorithm, which looks at factors like engagement, page load speed, and bounce rate to determine if your website is worth ranking.

3. We Listen to What You Want

What you’ll never get from using a website template is the customization we bring to every web design we work on. Every business is different, so we always send a business questionnaire to our clients. In the questionnaire, we ask for a list of competitors, followed by preferences in typography, images, and color palette. The information provided will be used to create a web design that matches the personality and style of your business.

4. Our Websites Are Always Secure

Security remains crucial to have on any website in 2018. Google has determined that having an HTTPs domain is a ranking factor for SEO. If you’re worried about where you can get an HTTPs certificate, we understand.

That’s why when you turn to our company for help, you’ll be able to get an SSL certificate. Our web design team will handle the migration from HTTP to HTTPs while you concentrate on growing your business.

5. On-Time Delivery

You can expect your website to be ready within 30 days. For larger projects, you’re looking at 60 days. Throughout the process, you’ll receive regular communication and updates on important milestones completed. There will be multiple chances for you to review the website and then request changes.

By having this window, there’s more time to get your new site exactly the way you want. It’s important to us that we’re exceeding your expectations, making good on our promises. There are no delays or excuses, and you shouldn’t tolerate them either.

6. Impeccable Photoshop and Graphic Design Skills

Part of what makes our web designs so distinct is that our web designers are geniuses at using Photoshop and know the graphic design realm quite well. Whenever you need a new logo for your company, you can always turn to us.

We’ll take the time to create a logo that looks elegant, professional, and clean. Our experience with Photoshop takes your websites to another level because we know how to make the most mundane images appear stunning and brilliant to website users.

7. Very Affordable, but Valuable At the Same Time

We strive to offer enormous value at a price you can afford. Many web design companies charge over $10,000 for a single website but fail to produce anything that’s worth calling a site in the first place. With one of our clients, they paid this amount to a previous web design company that did a terrible job and didn’t finish the website at all.

You’re not going to have that problem with our company because we hold ourselves to much higher standards. Check out our Spin to Win contest and see how much value you’ll get from working with us!

8. We’re Local

Because we’re based in the Metro Atlanta area, reaching out to us is much more comfortable than outsourcing the work overseas. You can always schedule a consultation by calling 470-440-3434 or send an email to [email protected] if you’d like to discuss your new website over the phone or by email. All of our work is also completed in-house and not outsourced anywhere else.

9. Quality Technical Support

Whenever you’re having a problem with your site, we have customer support available. You never have to deal with fixing technical problems on your own. Just give us a call, and we’ll take care of the issues for you in a reasonable amount of time and get updates on what’s happening.

10. Outstanding Reputation

You need to work with a local Atlanta web design company with a track record for helping others. We’ve worked with many small business clients, as well as several large e-commerce businesses. In every case, people have noticed our tendency to go above and beyond what’s expected. Our clients are always grateful for the level of quality they receive for the low price they pay for all our services.


You’re far more likely to get a quality web design from Viridian Geeks than going the template route. What other providers can provide this much value at such an affordable cost? Are you excited about what you’ve read?

Then give us a call at 470-440-3434 or email [email protected] if you’d like to get in touch immediately. Getting a stellar web design doesn’t have to break your budget nor should you put up with receiving anything less than amazing just because you need a design completed at a lower price.