SEO trends usually change significantly and rapidly, and this makes it important for digital marketers to remain updated about the changes that they need to make to improve the user experience. It is important to understand that all your marketing campaigns can be in vain if you don’t understand the best practices and latest trends in SEO.

Google always keeps on updating its algorithms, and this means that these trends and practices keep on changing. The following are some of the hottest SEO best practices and trends in 2018.

Voice Search

This is one of the most noticeable and latest SEO trends in 2018. Voice search is growing very fast, and it has changed the way people perceive the internet and conduct internet searches. Well, if you don’t believe about voice search, then ask Siri or Cortana, Amazon Alexa or Google Now, or just use Google assistant.

According to the latest statistics about voice search released by Google, voice searches have increased by an average of 35% in the last 10 years. That means if you have not optimized your website for voice search, then you need to do that as soon as possible.

Link Building

Up to today, link building is still a trending SEO practice, and it continues to be promising. Many SEO experts believe that link building is not yet at its optimum, even though it remains to be one of the greatest trends in 2018. They believe that there is much more in store when it comes to link building. Therefore, you need to catch up with it the soonest possible.

You should not expect to rank better in search engine results if you do not practice link building. You need to understand that link building is amongst the top ranking factors, in addition to developing quality content.

There are different ways that can assist your site to get backlinks. Some of these ways include blog commenting, guest posting, infographics, and submitting articles to related websites.

Website Speed

In 2018, speed remains to be essential in SEO, and when we talk about speed, it doesn’t matter whether it is mobile or PC. You need to ensure that your site loads faster in any device. This is one core of SEO today and one of the most critical factors that determine the ranking of your site in Google. According to statistics, a 2-seconds increase in speed in your site can lead to a conversion rate of 74%. On the other hand, your page can lose up to 40% of conversion rate if it requires 6 seconds to load.

Social Media and Influencers

Influencers have become very common today. By capitalizing on social media to do their marketing, SEO marketers not have a better chance of being recognized more easily and faster than before. Well, this is good news for many people, but it can also cost your website dearly.

If your site doesn’t get any visitors, shares, and influencers, then it will hard for it to rank better in search engine result. Therefore, you should try to convert your existing customers to be influencers rather than trying to buy them in order with the aim of attracting your target audience.