Don’t despair if you find yourself grappling with a failing digital marketing campaign for your local business. It’s not too late to keep making adjustments and seeing what works. Digital marketing mostly relies on experimentation and A/B testing, and you don’t have to get it right precisely the first time.

Where a lot of business owners go wrong with their digital marketing campaigns is when they forget about the basics and don’t look at every aspect of their business and website to find the problems and make changes. Never skip steps in anything you want to achieve, especially in digital marketing. Your competitors will find ways to outsmart you if you aren’t willing to fight back strategically.

Here, we’re going to show you 6 powerful ways you can add more fire and zest to your digital marketing campaigns going back to the basic building blocks, but also convince you to look at digital marketing a bit differently. You’re going to need to be sure you have these methods down like the back of your hand so your business will be a force to be reckoned with. Finally, you can grow your business online and be sure that you’ve got all the bases covered.

1. Make Your Website Responsive, Appealing, and Functional

Digital marketing often crosses over with web design and its best practices. A stellar web design in 2018 has to work across all platforms including mobile and desktop, but also be as user-friendly as possible. Somehow, you need to strike the perfect balance between visual appeal, functionality, and user experience to point site visitors in the right direction. Otherwise, you’re not going to have much to work with.

You need people filling out contact forms and submitting their emails so you can use these leads to build your email marketing. Every element on your website needs to be designed to draw attention to the most important aspects of your business, like your phone number, hours of operation, your services, and any special promotions and discounts you’re offering at that given time. It’s an added bonus if there’s a ton of creativity present on your site. You don’t want your website to look exactly like everyone else’s out there. It needs to have your brand’s personality sprinkled throughout so it has a distinct identity from your competition.

2. Understand What the Customer is Going Through

You’re going to have a hard time convincing anyone to buy your products if you’re not identifying the pain points of your target audience. If the content on the website fails to talk about how your product will help them or make something about their lives a little bit easier, everything else in digital marketing and web design is going to be a waste of time and resources. A pretty website can help, but you need substance to hold all of it together like glue. There’s no way around not spending time walking in the shoes of your customers and performing market research to find out more information about who your customers are and why they need your product.

3. Always Have a Unique Selling Proposition

Digital marketing is a lot like selling a car. Car salesmen are always talking about how their dealerships have superior prices and quality and offer exclusive benefits hard to find at other car dealerships. You’re doing a lot of the same thing as these car salesmen with digital marketing, only you’re now taking these selling strategies online. You have to treat your business like a car dealership.

What is the one thing that makes your business stick out? Are you able to offer the same service as your competitors, but provide a much quicker turnaround time? Does your product have stronger performance than what’s currently being sold? What is it about what you sell that guarantees greater success and performance?

Once you’ve nailed down your unique selling proposition, you just need to make your digital marketing strategy revolve around this central premise, and never fail to mention it in your content, press releases, marketing presentations, and anything else where you’ll be advertising your business. Be relentless in how you do digital marketing by always including your unique selling proposition in your marketing material.

4. Tell a Unique Story

People always love hearing personal stories about how a product or service changed someone’s life. To add more flair to your digital marketing campaigns, think back to when you created your business and thought about all the customers you’ve helped over the years. Perhaps you can reach out to some of them and ask them to share their perspective on how your product or service managed to solve their frustration.

Create some blog posts with interviews among your staff, so customers can get to see a different side to your business. Having lots of positive testimonials on your site will also add more credibility to your business and persuade more people to do business with you. We also call this social proof, which taps into people’s psychology to convince them and their friends to buy your products through word-of-mouth.

Digital marketing is like pushing a wagon up the hill and pushing it down. At first, you’ll need some momentum to get things going, but once you have a lot of word-of-mouth, you’ll keep accelerating and going faster as you descend without having to exert more force.

5. Be Omnipresent

Learn how to make your business everywhere online. Grant Cardone, one of the best digital marketers in the field, has observed how most companies don’t get very far because they remain in obscurity. What he means is that you have to push through the barriers to get your business noticed. For digital marketing, this would mean building up your social media marketing channels and being as active as possible on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and anywhere else you want to be seen.

For SEO and content marketing, this means not just publishing a bunch of blog posts every day, but making an effort to promote them in as many places as you can. Develop your email marketing and pay-per-click campaigns using this way of thinking and execution to secure success. Get the picture?

Don’t just create, but become a master promoter in digital marketing and sales. Use a combination of SEO, PPC, and social media to get the results you want. SEO is the first thing we recommend starting with as it will form the foundation for which you can then use Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Instagram Ads to build a steady flow of converting customers to your website.

6. Never Stop Seeking New Digital Marketing Opportunities

Digital marketing has never been a static profession. New trends and tools are coming out all the time. Be active on LinkedIn and pay attention to overlooked digital marketing tools your competitors haven’t put much time into developing. You could potentially dominate Amazon PPC, and Snapchat Ads before any of them have even thought about marketing their businesses there. You’ll have the most successful digital marketing campaigns when you think far ahead of the competition and capitalize on missed opportunities before anyone else.


Digital marketing is your key to success if you know how to use it wisely and take our advice. Many business owners give up because they fail to see what’s in front of them. A lousy website with lots of bugs and technical problems isn’t going to win anyone over, and therefore, the entire digital marketing campaign suffers.

To take your local business’ digital marketing campaigns to the next level, please call our digital marketing experts at 470-440-3434 or email [email protected]. We hope you have found the information discussed in this article to be useful. Thank you!