Many web designers have a challenge in attracting clients, especially if they are new in the industry. Moreover, when they finally get the first client, they strive very hard to impress them. However, many designers end up messing their first project, not because they don’t have the required skills, but because they don’t know certain aspects of design. Here are key things that a successful web designer should know.

Editing Photos

In the web design field, you are bound to work with photos every day. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that you know how to edit or manipulate them. This should be from basic things like cropping the photo to cleaning it up—you shouldn’t have a challenge when doing this. Therefore, you should be comfortable when cropping photos to resize them, as well as when adjusting the quality of the photos.

Create a Print

Even though your job will be revolving around the digital platform, some parts of your design will be required for printed apps. From business cards to press releases, to fliers, you should have the skills to design and convert components to in a manner that is ready to print.

When it comes to creating a print, there are several things that matter—these include understanding the resolutions for printing various media types as well as color. You need to understand how you can mix colors to create an appealing print design, and colors that cannot match at all.

Writing a Headline

It is virtually impossible to envision a design when you use lorem ipsum to be your main headline. You should understand that the words in your site should be what connects the message and visuals in the site. The headline in your site might keep on changing, but you should always use big words for each new headline.

It is important to understand how words assist your client to know the available space for text. Therefore, you need to create a good and interesting headline. This is because it shows that you understand your client and you are willing to push yourself further to impress people.

Sketch Confidently

Sketching allows people to visualize and understand your line of thought. Remember, many people want to see an outline or wireframe for them to know what or how you think. That is why a successful web designer should not know just how to sketch, but to sketch confidently. However, this doesn’t mean that you should teach yourself how to be a world-class artist in a day’s time. All you need to have is a pen and paper, which should allow you to write and pass your ideas to your team or client.

Explain the Design Theory

Spacing, color, balance, flow, and proportion. These are important things every web designer should know see handling a project. However, you need to understand that being a good web designer is more than possessing a good design eye. Understanding the design theory is also important. You need to understand the reasons why you create certain designs and why it is important to create good aesthetic designs.

If you have a good understanding of all these, you should be able to explain and defend the decisions you make to others.