Web design is an industry that is ever growing and it attracts a lot of people because of various reasons. However, there are certain skills every web  designer is required to possess if they want to thrive in this industry. The following are the important skills that every successful web designer should possess.


Since the start of web design, web designers have been required to possess HTML skills. For many web designers, HTML, which is regarded as a markup language is the only way to venture into web design. HTML, also known as hypertext markup language is the basis of designing websites. Up to today, it remains one the essential things that every web developer or designer should learn.

Learning HTML can assist you to understand how most web development tools work and it allows you to have a better control of your project. The bottom line is, any professional web designer needs to understand HTML if he or she wants to prosper in the industry.


This is another essential web design that every web designer should learn. CSS deals with the website’s visual appearance. It is a vital skill for both font-end developers and web designers. A web developer who knows CSS is able to design their applications in a manner that interacts with their design more effectively. Many web developers usually learn CSS together with HTML. These two programing languages blend that builds the style and structure of any web page.

Mobile Support

Today, a wide assortment of screen sizes and devices are used to access the web. This shows why it is important for websites to support this assortment of devices. This needs to happen through responsive sites, designed and developed for today’s multi-device world.

Therefore, web developers need to be able to design websites that have great appearance and responsive in different sizes. Every web developer needs to understand that mobile goes way past building responsive sites. They also need to develop mobile apps, particularly apps that connect with websites.

Customer Service

Even this is not a technical skill, web designers need to have exceptional customer service skills, as they can propel their career in web design. As a web developer, you will be required to communicate with your clients, give design ideas, as well as manage relationships. Great skills in customer services can assist you to achieve all these. You will need these skills whether you are a freelancer, in-house web developer, or you are employed by an agency.

Yes, every web-developer needs technical skills to excel in web-development. However, even the greatest web designers can fail if they cannot treat handle their clients professionally.

Design Sense

Every web designer needs to have an excellent design sense. Professional web designers understand that there is more that goes into web design that just knowing how to play around with colors. As a web designer, you should know the basic components of design, the basic principles in design, best practices in typography, principles of web layout, how to utilize images, and more.

You should understand how the users would interact with your design, and this will allow you to make better decisions when designing the site.