An agency brief is essential when you want to design a new site to boost your business. The agency brief resembles a business plan, and it’s the document that guides the designers throughout the entire web design project. When writing an agency brief, you need to consider several things that determine the effectiveness of the site. These things include:

Objectives and Technical Details

What do you want to achieve with the new site? Be specific with the design brief of the website. Maybe, your aim is to increase brand awareness, increase sales, improve your online presence, or generate leads. Ensure that you make your objectives clear. You can choose to share your old site to indicate the parts that you want to keep and the ones to change.

If you are having a large-scale project, then make sure that you give precise details about the technical requirements and features of the site. This will assist you to avoid extra costs. Do you want user logins? How will you handle and manage registrations? What should be on your user dashboard? You need to make everything clear right from the beginning.

Classify Your Target Users and Audience

Who is your target audience? Who are your customers? You need to describe the people you are targeting via the website. This will allow the new website to be designed explicitly for the exact target group. You can also conduct market research for your existing customers.

Besides, make sure that you share behavioral insights and demographic information with the web design team. This will assist you to determine the audience you want to target with the new website.

Design Tone and Consistency

You should make sure that the tone and new style of your site align with your brand as well as its purposes. In addition, the two key elements should be steady with the project, together with what you want to achieve.

Don’t forget your tactical positioning as well as the messages you desire to pass to your target customers. If you are creating the landing page for competition purposes, consider implementing a lively design. In addition, include messaging that will inspire and attract users to convert.

Know Your Competitors

You need to understand your main competitors. Moreover, you should make sure that you have an overview of their activities, the trends they are following, and then use that information to make comparisons. This will assist you to know what you love about the design of their sites. You can then use these insights to create and better and appealing website.

Timing And Budget

You need to set an exact timeline for the website design project in the design brief. In the first meeting with the design company, make sure that you discuss the deadline. In addition, make sure that you discuss the scope of the entire project, the creative process, and anything else that you need to change.

Moreover, you need to checker whether you have included the possible changes in the final price of the project. If you see that the budget estimates exceed your set budget, you can revisit the entire project with the designer and agree about the price before the project kicks off.