Many people tend to be intimidated by SEO, especially because of the number of things they have to learn. Most of the skilled professionals have been in this field for over 10 years. However, they are continuously learning new skills since Google keeps on developing new updates.

Of course, there is a learning curve for everyone who joins this field, and once they are past that, they need to strive to be at par with the new SEO strategies and tactics coming out every day. However, this should not overwhelm you. It is important to note that SEO has various components, and each component is not as complicated as the entire field seems. This article with highlight the top 4 important things you need to learn about SEO.

The Larger Picture

Just before you start playing around with individual SEO tactics and tricks, you need to learn about the larger picture of Search Engine Optimization. The main objective of Search Engine Optimization is to improve your site, to allow it to rank better and higher in search engines. There are several ways to optimize your site, but nearly everything comes down to making your site relevant and authoritative.

The suitability and applicability of your content for any incoming search determines the relevance of your site. You should ensure that your content has certain keywords for this to be possible. The authority of your website depends on how reliable Google views a site. This can be improved using brand mentions, an inbound link, as well as high-quality content.

Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA)

Once you understand the bigger picture about SEO, you need to learn about page authority and domain authority. You need to understand how these two predict the search rankings of your website. This is what you need to know; the domain authority of any website is an exclusive score offered by Moz. This score shows the trustworthiness of your domain. The score is calculated depending on the quality and quantity of your site’s inbound links.

The higher the score, the higher the possibility of your pages to rank in search results—particularly organic. Page authority is just the same as domain authority; however, it is specific to a certain page. You can use page authority to design a link that specifically favors some pages in your site over others. The volume and authority of inbound links determine page authority.

On-Site Optimization

These require different tactics, and most of them are simple and easy to implement. These tactics assist in making your site more indexable and visible to search engines. Some of the on-site optimization tactics include optimizing your meta descriptions and titles to add specific target keywords. It also includes ensuring that your site has a minimal and clean code, and providing relevant and ample content to different pages on your site.

Technical SEO

This tends to be very intimidating to many people, but it is an essential portion of SEO that everyone needs to learn. Don’t allow its name to scare you-you can learn the most complicated and technical SEO elements regardless of whether you have web development or programming experience. For instance, you can learn how to replace and update your website’s robots.txt file. In addition, you can also learn how to develop your sitemap using online templates.