Have you considered launching your digital marketing campaigns on Independence Day? A lot of businesses will be closed on that day and here’s your chance to gain a tremendous advantage over your competitors who are likely not running campaigns on that day. You can spend that time figuring out what they’re doing to get customers and then undercut them by offering something much better in exchange. There’s all sorts of ways you can crush your competition on the 4th of July.

You can offer special deals and discounts on certain products and services you sell and have your branding match the occasion too. In this post, we give you some ideas you can implement so you can succeed and get the customers and sales you need.

Start By Creating a Sales Landing Page

In one of our earlier posts, we dived into the importance of landing pages for small businesses. There are many different types of landing pages you can use to generate more leads. We briefly touched on them in that post, but as a refresher, here are some of the major types of landing pages you can use. Take any one of these landing page ideas and add an Independence Day twist whether it be through the design or the copywriting on the page.

• Landing Page for an E-Book
E-books are a great way to provide in-depth information about your industry and services without bogging the site visitor down. The landing page would be created to get the visitor to download the e-book. You could collect an email address from a potential customer and use MailChimp to send an email containing the e-book as a PDF.

• Geotargeted Landing Pages
You can make landing pages that target specific areas and regions your business provides services in. These landing pages can be included in your sitemap and in your website footer. For example, if you wanted to make landing pages about service areas, you could have a section in your website footer linking to a waterfall page and then include links to each landing page after that. For SEO purposes, you should try to change at least 30-40% of the content, so Google doesn’t flag your site for duplicate content.

• Squeeze Pages
Squeeze pages are designed solely to capture a customer’s email. You can advertise an email course, a white paper, or an e-book with a squeeze page. These pages don’t have many hyperlinks at all and “squeeze” or cajole the user into wanting to find out more about your business.

A squeeze page without these offers may appear to be spammy to people, so make sure you really have something valuable to offer.

• Sales Page
This page is exactly as it sounds. Instead of having a salesperson make cold calls or visit a customer’s home, the sales landing page takes the same concepts and puts them on display. The idea of a sales page is to convert as many people as possible to buy a product from your website. Sales pages are also great for e-commerce websites where business owners can add specific information about a product onto the landing page.

• Click-Through Page
With click-through pages, you can have a lot more content included than in other landing pages. With these pages, there is much less emphasis on call-to-actions and more focus on explaining the features of what you sell in more detail. You can offer your customers a free trial if they are interested in what you have described on the click-through page.

Try to emphasize how and why your product or service will help your customers on this special day and then entice them further with other offers you may have. Use the emails from these Independence-themed landing pages to seek out potential leads you can nurture and notify them of other special holiday promotions and discounts you’re going to have.

Advertise on Google and Facebook

After you’ve created your landing page and are satisfied with the design and copywriting, consult with your digital marketing team to create ads on Google and Facebook to drive traffic to these pages. Facebook Ads is a great option if your business doesn’t have a huge budget to spend, but we encourage you to look into Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords) if you have the time and resources because you want to hit your competitors where it hurts the most on as many platforms as possible.

Perform keyword research before you create the ads with the intention of figuring out where you should target your ads the most. We have an article on how you can do this, and you can read it here, but here are some important excerpts from that article which can help you make your Independence Day digital marketing a success.

1. Figure Your Niche and Industry

What industry or niche is your business in. Do you sell auto parts online or are you a small local flower shop? Take a look at what your business does and make a list of the products and services you offer. Use those as a starting point to begin finding the keywords people are using to find businesses like yours.

Then you can position yourself as an expert in the services you sell by making landing pages and blog posts about them and sharing the posts on your social media accounts.

2. Formulate a Small Keyword List

Based on what you found out in the previous step, jot down some possible keywords you want to research. Here’s what a list would look like if your business sold pet food online:

• Best pet food
• Pet food for dogs
• Pet food for cats
• Low fat pet food
• Pet food store
• Pet food experts

This is not going to be your final list. You can always keep adding more as you go along in your keyword researching process. You should also think about targeting long-tail keywords when you’re creating blog content that’s going to help your customers. Long-tail keywords are keywords that have three to four words at least and relate to what your business is about. A good example would be these long-tail keywords for a retail clothing outlet. Some of the keywords for this business would include:

• What Clothes Should I Buy for the Summer Season
• Where Can I Find the Best Clothing Discounts on T-Shirts
• Cheapest Men’s Shoes
• High Quality High Heels for Women

3. Find Other Related Keywords

Once you have your long-tail keywords and your broader keywords gathered in your list, which you can also use Microsoft Excel to organize them, you should search for more keywords closely related to the ones you already have. One trick is to use Google’s search bar, and for any keyword you type in, Google will suggest additional keywords for you. You can also type in these keywords in SEMRush and find a list of related keyword phrases you can download as a CSV file.

4. Check Your Competitors

You can go through your competitors and see which keywords they are using to get traffic onto their site. Pay attention to the relevance, cost-per-click, and traffic percentage which is also available through SEMRush. Use the keywords your competitors are ranking well for, but also see if there’s a gap in the market. There are bound to be keywords you can rank for that your competitors have not put as much time into creating content for.

There’s more information on this subject you can go back and read, but these are the most applicable steps you’re going to need for your Independence Day digital marketing.

Other Ideas You Can Try

If your digital marketing efforts this holiday are going to be focused on social media marketing and you need breathtaking images and graphics to go along with the posts, look into using a product called Canva. Canva is a tool a lot of social media marketing professionals, and content marketers use to make infographics, thumbnails, and more. Here are some examples of images we made using this tool and used to accompany some posts we shared to LinkedIn.

Get inspired and start creating Canva images and custom content for your campaigns. You could also try creating some Independence Day-themed blog posts related to your business, products, and services. Draw attention to any discounts or promotions you have at the end of the post by either bolding or italicizing them using HTML markup. Don’t worry if you don’t know what that means.
You can always consult with our digital marketing and web design experts at Viridian Geeks if you need help launching your digital marketing campaigns for the holiday.

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