As Google updates its algorithm, we see people all the time ask whether SEO is still viable and relevant. It seems like the same song and dance whenever this question is posed. There’s panic and fear from SEO marketers who are worried about losing their jobs. Business owners who have already put in the time and money into developing SEO for their sites are also worried because they want to be entirely sure that SEO is going to be something that will be worthwhile for them in the long run.

Let us be clear: SEO is not dying nor is it going away. The medium is evolving and changing, yes, but does that mean it’s dead? Not by any means. The practice of building spammy backlinks has died and is universally viewed as one of the “black-hat SEO” techniques which cause your website to lose rankings with Google, but there’s a beautiful silver lining to all of this.

As the scammers and spammers in SEO have been weeded out, there are new opportunities for energetic, talented digital marketing professionals who care about their craft and want to provide the best SEO results for clients. Let’s look into the six biggest reasons why SEO isn’t going anywhere and why those who say that SEO is dead are mistaken.

1. Number of People Using the Internet Has Increased

Since 2005, the number of people using the internet has grown by considerable margins. From over a billion users in 2005 to over 3 billion in 2017, it is clear that the internet has become a force to be reckoned with in the lives of many. With nearly everything moving over to the internet in some way, search engine optimization for your business has also grown in importance. SEO allows your business to be found on search engines like Google. People see your website and click on it because they can see that you’re offering a product or service that they’ve been looking for. This is how SEO works on a fundamental level. There’s a lot more to it than just that, but just know that you’re not making the wrong decision by updating your website, so it’s optimized for people to find themselves.

2. SEO is About Branding

By focusing on search engine optimization for your site, you’re also working on developing the website’s branding and voice. Through keyword research, you can get an objective perspective on what your competitors are doing and what’s working for them. From there, you can take what’s working well for them and emulate it on your site, while finding gaps and missed opportunities to market your business differently through SEO.

3. SEO is Responsible for the Majority of Traffic Online

As of 2014, over 51% of all traffic on the internet comes from SEO. It’s mind-blowing when you think about how much traffic that really is. It’s even more remarkable when considering how much of the traffic is coming from people on their smartphones and mobile devices, which Is around 57%. In 2018, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by taking SEO seriously for your business website.

4. People Love Clicking on Organic Results

You’re much more likely to get clicks if your website shows up naturally on search engines than using paid ads to get the same leads. Although SEO can take several months to have an effect on most sites, it pays for itself in the form of higher click-through-rates and people most likely to convert finding your business. It’s a win-win situation to invest in your website’s SEO from the start rather than working on it later, so you don’t have to spend as much paying for your website to show up high on search engines.

5. Local SEO is King

We’re excited about the direction that local SEO is heading. There are many opportunities for your business to dominate in that area. You could optimize your Google My Business profile so your website will show up higher in the local pack results. Those are the business listings people see when they’re searching on Google. You can see an example of what we’re talking about with one of our pack results. We show up on the #1 spot for the keyword “HVAC web design” in this map pack.

local seo result example

6. Voice Search Optimization is Growing in Popularity

You have to stay ahead of the curve to succeed in SEO, and another one of the rising trends we’ve noticed is the rise in voice search optimization. People aren’t just typing keywords from their phone or desktop anymore. They are also using their built-in voice assistants on their phone to search for businesses online. Have enough relevant content on your website, and your business can also show up in featured snippets, which are read by Google Home and Google Assistant (Search Engine Land).


SEO is far from dying and is evolving into new, exciting directions. Digital marketers have to work harder to produce excellent results for clients and can’t expect techniques that were employed 5-6 years ago to work now. Recently, SEO has also become a robust digital marketing tool which can be integrated with social media marketing, paid search advertising, and content marketing too.

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