At Viridian Geeks, our digital marketers have found that from experience, landing pages targeted towards specific geographical areas tend to be a great source of new leads. They have implemented the same local SEO strategy with a variety of clients and they have also seen similar success.

In this post, we’ll show you how and why these geographic service area pages work and how you can also use them to drive more traffic to your website whether you’re running an SEO or a PPC campaign.

This is a great strategy to try once you’ve already established some foundational on-page SEO and have some content on your site. You can do this while you’re also looking to earn backlinks from highly credible sources and websites.

Many Companies Don’t Invest Much Into Local, Geotargeted Service Area Pages

Many business owners don’t feel that it would be worth the money to cultivate service area landing pages. They have the misconception that it would take too long to generate results and that it wouldn’t have much of an impact on their profits. From our experience, this is completely wrong.

When we build location-specific service area landing pages, they are indexed by Google fairly quickly, within 2-3 days of making them live. Furthermore, after 3-4 months, our clients report that they are getting more leads and phone calls as a result of our team taking the time to craft service area pages.

A fear a lot of other people have is that Google will penalize their site because of duplicate content. A lazy digital marketer or SEO person would try to take the “easy” out and use content spinners and shady black-hat practices to achieve these results. At Viridian Geeks, however, all of our service area pages are written from scratch.

We focus heavily on developing the first few and then building the rest of the pages from there once we establish the right tone, voice, and targeting for each town and city you need customers.

What Goes Into a Good Geographic Service Area Page?

The answer to this question is fairly simple. A good service area page will have a well-written foundation to build from. The page would have unique information relevant to people in the places you want to target.

For example, to keep the pages distinct from each other, we might find some interesting facts about the town or city and incorporate them into the content. We would also rewrite about 40% of the content. This is the sweet spot to the point where Google will still be able to index the page without any problems.

What Else You Will Need to Make Your Local Landing Pages a Success?

Much of what applies to on-page SEO will also apply to your local landing pages. Remember what products and services your company offers and make sure they are clearly spelled out on each landing page you do. Check your competitors in each local area you’re targeting so you can get more ideas and inspiration for making your landing pages better than theirs.

When we were building service area landing pages on the Viridian Geeks website, we saw that many competitors in the areas we targeted including Sandy Springs, Johns Creek, Doraville, Peachtree Corners, and Buckhead didn’t really invest that much time or effort into their pages. The pages were either very bland looking or didn’t contain much valuable information at all, so we decided to combine the best of content with the best of web design to make our service area pages stand out, and look at the results from a few of the ones we did.

We’re on the first page for the keyword “Johns Creek SEO” and the same goes for many of the other geographic landing pages we built for our website. This same strategy could work for you too if you allow our digital marketing and web design experts to develop your site and content.

local service area landing page example seo

Also in the screenshot, look at how we also optimized the meta description. The location and service we offer is on the meta description for people to see. We also mention that we do web design and provide cost-effective SEO and content marketing solutions. Even though Google doesn’t fully display the entire meta description because of their changes to the maximum meta description character limit, we still think this is an effective means to increase your click-through-rate and have more people find your website.

Other Landing Page Tips

You can read more about how landing pages of all types will help you massively in growing your small business. Here are some relevant pieces of advice from one of our other articles published on the site you could use to craft the perfect landing page for your business.

To understand how powerful a landing page can be for your small business, consider this example.

You are the owner of a boutique flower shop and are running a social media marketing campaign to target high school girls and boys who need to buy flowers for prom night. In your social media campaigns, you can link to the landing page that has a special offer and mention that the first 50 buyers will receive a 30% discount and get a gift card to Red Lobster.

People interested in your ad will click on it and be taken to your landing page where they can fill out the form to receive the discount.

To be clear, your landing page should be completely different from your home page. It’s not the place to get overly complicated. Keep your landing page simple and concise. You only have so much time to grab the attention of your customers and convince them to buy from your website.

In addition to this advice, make it as easy as possible for customers to know where to contact you. Put a contact form at both the top and bottom of the page for maximum conversion potential. Follow these winning landing page strategies, and you will make bank with our help.


Local service area landing pages are your secret weapon for gaining a competitive advantage over your competition. They don’t take that long to make, and once you have a formula for how to make them, they are also easy to replicate over and over as long as you’re rewriting enough of the content itself for Google to index the page still.

If you need help doing this, please call our local SEO experts at (470) 440-3434 or email [email protected] for a free consultation on your small business! Thank you!