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What page your Vinings, GA business shows up on search results (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.) matters. Google’s algorithm heavily favors websites which are optimized for things like search engine optimization, page load speed, and other user experience components. Higher site rankings for relevant, related keywords makes it more likely you’ll have customers find you easier.

Our mission at Viridian Geeks is to provide only the best in SEO and web design. Our commitment to the content creation and web design processes sets us apart from other web design and SEO companies out there. We don’t take shortcuts or use templates in any of our designs. From conception to deployment, we keep you informed and directly work together with you.

Setting the Bar Higher in Every Service We Offer

Each of our services helps your website in several ways. We’ve carefully determined you’ll need any number of these services for your website to outmatch your competitors.

Web Design

Get a responsive website from a full-service Vinings, GA SEO company offering impressive user-experience to your visitors on any device. We make sure your website is designed for every platform with our mobile web design services.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a necessity for any online business today looking to attract more customers. Make sure your site is optimized for the major search engine providers like Google with the Vinings, GA SEO company services we provide.

Custom Web Development

If you’re looking for backend web development solutions, you have found the right Vinings, GA web design firm. We can help you solve business problems with the latest techniques and best web development practices for creating applications and other backend features you may find useful.


We can also help you out with your B2C (business-to-consumer) or B2B (business-to-business) website and help you set up WooCommerce. If you need help with working with Google Analytics or Google Merchant Center, we can also take care of it for you. You get a mobile friendly site and more to help make your store feel fresh and unique.


Are you someone who’s had to figure out how to use hosting services like HostGator or GoDaddy for your website? At Viridian Geeks, we take care of all the hosting for you with our assortment of hosting packages. We offer managed services and only use premium bandwidth sources.

Social Media Management

Social media is quickly becoming one of the biggest platforms you can use to provide content and spread brand awareness about your company. We will make sure your social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are updated every month as part of your social media management package with us.

Web Design for Vinings, GA Businesses

Mobile-responsive design is a must for any serious business owner. You’re dealing with the web and a constantly changing industry. Most people nowadays browse the internet on their phones and tablets. The best practice in modern web design is to make websites which function well on all devices.

When we create a new web design for your local business in Vinings, GA, we consistently test out the design from start to finish and never skip the steps or the process to producing a fantastic website you’ll be satisfied with.

You get many awesome features which will make it easier for people to find what they need:

· Integration with MailChimp

· E-Commerce Support

· WordPress Content Management System

· Photo Galleries

· Social media services for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more

· Search Engine Optimization for Vinings, GA

· Optimized UX / User Experience

Vinings, GA E-Commerce Website Design Services

If you sell merchandise through an online store in Vinings, GA, you’ll need a good e-commerce site period. Our e-commerce websites are designed to make the lives of potential buyers easier.  Take advantage of all these awesome features you’ll get as a business owner:

Create customer and product reports

Modify product photos

Add new products and product descriptions

Create sales promotions for your products

Generate invoices

Add promo codes

Your customers will be able to easily find the products they want because our e-commerce website designs are simple and easy to use.

Custom Web Development Solutions for Vinings, GA Business Owners

Looking for a better, customized web development solution for your Vinings, GA business? Not to fear! Our team of full-stack web developers has over ten years of experience working with some of the most popular programming languages and frameworks related to JavaScript, CSS, MySQL, PHP, and more!

They are also highly skilled in using HTML, Bootstrap, and JQuery. With all the experience and technical expertise we provide, feel confident you’ve picked a Vinings, GA web development company which provides solutions first.

Boost Organic Traffic and Leads in Vinings, GA

SEO is a long-term process which could take six months or more to see results. There are lots of SEO companies promising to help you rank for keywords in 30 days or less when it doesn’t work that way.

We recognize the need for deliberate planning in care in everything SEO-related we do for you. Here is our typical process to how we optimize your website for search engine optimization:

Discuss Deliverables

Discuss your business and create deliverable

Keyword Research

Perform keyword research to see what’s currently trending on Google

Research Competitors

Look through formidable website competitors and discover which keywords are bringing the most traffic

Target Keywords

Narrow down the best keywords to the best ones to target

Content Curation

Create content which will target these keywords, but also offer value for your Vinings, GA customers

Add Meta Tags

Add meta tags accurately describing each page on your site

user experience

Look for other ways to improve the website’s user experience

monthly reporting

Allow for enough time to develop a baseline report to see if your keyword rankings have improved each month

Vinings, GA Social Media Management Services

Perception and branding mean everything online, and we use social media management to deliver a message about what your business does clearly. The hyperlink included in each social media post back to content we wrote for your site will also be a natural backlink, so you don’t have to rely on so-called link builders to increase your site’s domain authority on Google.

Social media shares are some of the easiest ways to distribute content to readers interested in your service or product.





The best part about using social media is you’re getting your business out there without having to spend a fortune on traditional marketing methods.

Web Hosting for Vinings, GA Customers

Viridian Geeks also has a set of web hosting services designed to provide unmatched security and quality for your website domain. You’re protected from downtime threats, DDoS attacks, website hackings, and many other threats which could bring your online business to a crawl.

The advantages of trusting us for all your hosting needs include:

Maximized performance and security

Increased server flexibility

Reduced overhead and less maintenance costs

Always reliable uptime

Why Choose Viridian Geeks?

We don’t believe in using any gimmicks and prefer to be honest, open and upfront about everything we do. Our work philosophy revolves around working and playing hard and giving 110% to every activity. It shows in everything we do, and now we want to help you and your Vinings, GA small business in any way we can.

Locations We Service

Internet Marketing Professionals in Alpharetta, GA

SEO & Web Design Experts in Norcross, GA

Web Design & SEO Specialists in Lawrenceville, GA

Website Marketing in Duluth, GA

Online Marketing in Doraville, GA

Web Design & SEO Experts in Johns Creek, GA

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The report only takes approximately an hour to generate, and you’ll learn a lot about what you could do to improve your current site.


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