Today, speed has become a critical factor, especially when accessing websites using mobile devices. Most mobile users are usually in a hurry, and they don’t have the time to wait for a mobile website that take too long to load. Therefore, you should improve the speed of mobile sites if you want to maintain your mobile users. Failing to do that can make you lose users, and that’s something you don’t want to experience. Here are a few ways in which you can improve mobile website speed.

Reduce the Redirects

Redirects make your site slow. This is because servers take a considerable amount of time when finding and retrieving the original page you request by clicking the original link, and the information cannot be found there. The few seconds this process takes increases your bounce rate. Therefore, it is essential to reduce your redirects, as this will assist you to maintain the attention of your visitors.

Using Compresses Images

Using large images on your site means that you will need much more time for the images to load. However, you can use compressed images if you want to make the site load faster on mobile. In addition, make sure that you scale the images for mobile. Furthermore, if it is possible to reduce the number of images on the website, it can be much better. It can be every greater not to have images on the site apart from the essential graphics like the site’s logo.

Make the Web Design Simple

Well, a web design that has all the whistles and bells can be very impressive. In addition, the site might entail a pretty remarkable amount of code. This, in turn, can make the website heavier and slower. Therefore, it is essential to make sure that you keep the design of your site simple, but tasteful. In addition, it is vital to make it lighter as this can assist the site to load faster on mobile devices.

Minimize the usage of custom fonts

Even though custom fonts are fantastic to use, make sure that you use lots of CSS and JavaScript. Whenever possible, don’t use custom fonts at all. However, if the overall appearance of your site heavily depends on the fonts, just limit their usage to the heading and other vital areas of the site.

Make the Signup Steps Short

A normal signup process for many websites has an average of six steps. However, you can reduce these steps to four in order to make things faster. The code that you will reduce by doing that will undoubtedly make the webpage to lighter and to load faster.

Turn On Browser Caching

Today, mobile browsers can easily remember your previous pages and save that data on your phone for future use. When you activate browser caching, you will make these pages to load faster on mobile.

Activating Google Amp

When you Activate Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) project on your pages, you make your site look great. In addition, the load time becomes faster, irrespective of the distribution platform or device. Google AMP relies on ultra-minimalistic HTML to make the loading time for web pages faster, particularly on mobile devices.