Being a writer is not only an interesting career but also a dynamic one. It is the dynamic nature of writing that makes it interesting for some and a buzz-killer for others. It is your responsibility as a writer to communicate clearly and concisely and make the reader keep coming back to read your work. There are various types of writers and each must have a different set of skills that services a certain purpose. Being an SEO writer is one of them. Technically, you work with individuals and business to make them known and to reach their existing and potential customer. That is the sole purpose of an SEO writer.

So, what makes a good SEO writer?

Knowledge of the audience

The first rule is to know your audience. Know their demographics- age, race, gender as well as their physiographic-their interests, likes, and dislikes. With a clear understanding of your audience, you will easily relate with them through your content. Match your content to your audience’s characteristics.

Be bold in your writing

You are using your writing to convince people to buy or support a certain product or service, so do this in a big way. Your writing should be concise and provoke the reader’s mind to think about the product or service and finally to use it.

Add value

As much as your work is to sell to your readers, make sure you add value. Research shows that a reader is most likely to buy or associate with a brand that adds value to her or his value. First, inform, add value, and then sell.

Don’t overdo it, be fun

Even though you are writing about a very technical subject, make sure you make it interesting for the readers. No one wants to read big words and complex vocabulary that have to be looked up first. Make it easy and fun to the reader. As an SEO writer, you are selling through your words. No one likes a very serious and gloomy salesperson, so make the few minutes count.

Follow the steps

Just like any other writer, an SEO writer must follow all the steps of writing. Do extensive research, plan and outline your work, write the first draft, proofread your work and read it aloud before submitting to make sure all the objectives are well captured in your work. Nothing pisses off a reader like poor grammar. Make sure your grammar is remarkable, subtle, and free of errors.

Spruce it up

Being an SEO writer is more than mere words. You must show and illustrate to the reader. I mean, make sure you integrate the use of images, clear pictures, infographics, videos or even GIFs. These not only keep the reader interested but they also make reading easier to understand. This is especially critical if you are writing about the technical subjects. A little investment on these multimedia pieces will go along way.

Key Note:

It takes practice to grow from an SEO amateur to a pro. The more you practice the more you become invested in the work and the higher the quality of your work.