If that is your question, we will show you why Mobile-first design is so necessary for a web page. Also, the benefits for the short and long-term page if you decide to use this tool as an ally.


What is Mobile first design?

Using mobile devices to surf the Internet has grown tremendously in recent years. By mid-2016 it had already exceeded the number of mobile phones to that of computers in Internet connections. So, Google implemented the Mobile first as a new mobile navigation algorithm.

Mobiles first explain this development of web design well.  Have in the foreground mobile phones or tablets. Mobile screens are small, while computers usually have screens of higher resolution. So the goal of Mobile First is to adapt web pages to the size and capacity of the mobile.

This tool not only will help you to adapt the page but also assist in SEO positioning. It will also make the analysis and consultation of the information easier on responsive web pages, and to place those that don’t have this function in the least search.

So, it is almost mandatory to make our web pages responsive because SEO effectiveness and visibility will be affected if our website is not responsive and we will be losing the potential of our web design.


How does Mobile first improve your web design?

Today, most Internet browsing (such as visiting websites, communicating and buying), is by a mobile device. So if you follow the instructions of Mobile first, it will help you ensure that your mobile website has enough visits and you’re competent in online marketing. Also, it will help you with SEO positioning by the following aspects:

The optimization of mobile content

Low page loading time, so the user experience is better and do not leave the website, because 53% of people leave the page if it takes much more than 3 seconds to open. Also, Google positions the web that has a fast loading time.

The use of high-quality images

If the images do not adapt, they would be blurry in the mobile, so use high-quality images.

The size of the font and the buttons

These have to be large, so the user does not lose a reading without zooming in or out. Also, do not press other things by mistake. Avoid the use of software and technologies that are not common in mobile. Technologies such as Flash generate problems for SEO positioning of the website.

Adapt it to any screen

The goal of Mobile First design is to adapt web pages to the size and capacity of any mobile.

Add audiovisual content

Increasingly, audiovisual content is gaining weight in online marketing, so this tool will help you position your page.

Separations between paragraphs and spaces

If the links and paragraphs are separated correctly, the user will not make unintentional mistakes when visiting your website.

Avoid a bad use of popups

Avoid this will help you position yourself because Google began to penalize websites with very large popups in mobile browsing. Also, they do not allow the content to be viewed in a standard way for users.

Do not block CSS or JavaScript

Not preventing them will help most devices work with this technology. Also, Google will know if our web design is responsive so that you can position your website.


Our in-depth analysis shows that having Mobile First is ideal for your web design. So, you can’t miss the opportunity to do online Marketing with ease. Verify that your website complies with the Mobile First indications and Google will be your best ally, since your SEO positioning will be high. If you still do not have Mobile first, what are you waiting for?


If you need more information about Mobile First design, feel free to contact us.