To stay fully competitive in your industry requires that your business have a stunning website matching your business’s personality and branding. Web design is an exciting field because it combines art and technology. A skilled web designer will understand how to create breathtaking interfaces while continually thinking about the user experience. User experience has also grown in importance and affects the SEO on your site too. For all these reasons and more, you need to make sure the web designer you’ll be working with is up to the task.

The top web designers are those who have spent lots of time focusing on these critical skills. They have a variety of experience working on different websites, e-commerce included. These are the top 10 skills you need to look for from the web designer you’ll be working with.

1. Must Understand SEO

Your website is going to produce better results when it’s designed for SEO in mind. Web designers who know the basics of SEO are going to pay much more attention to making sure the JavaScript and CSS files on your site aren’t going to take up much space. They will know how to optimize and resize website images to improve the speed of the website. Also, they should know all about how WordPress works since it has some of the best SEO-related plugins in the business.

2. Strong Grasp of Color Theory

Color theory is also critical to have in appealing web design. It explains how people perceive colors and assign meaning to them. For example, a form with a red background color could contrast with a significant amount of whitespace on the page helping attract more attention to it.

Color theory isn’t also just about drawing attention to an element on the page. It also involves varying the color schemes on a site and sticking with a consistent pattern all throughout the website. Understanding color theory takes practice, and the most qualified web designers are going to have the experience and skills nailed.

3. Must Be a Skilled Communicator

It’s easy for something to be misunderstood when a new website is built and designed. That’s why there should be regular meetings with the web designer you’re working with. You can talk to them on the phone and expect them to explain their reasoning behind the creative and technical decisions made.

Strong communication is what sets the great web designers in the field apart. Poor communication will set back a web design project back by several weeks or even months in worst cases.

4. Be a Responsive Design Maverick

It’s hard not to go online and not read something regarding responsive design. In the past several years, it has become the norm in web design. Responsive web design is making sure your website works on any device and browser. In the past, there used to be two versions of sites built: one exclusively for desktop users and the other for mobile devices called a mobile-first website.

What’s great about responsive design is the need to create two different sites is gone. There’s a lot less work that needs to be done setting up the sites and then optimizing them for SEO. The most skilled, talented web designers are all too familiar with responsive design and the challenges of keeping your website working on all devices.

5. Know CSS Well

CSS is what turns boring, plain HTML websites into genuinely magical, visual experiences. It’s hard to work as a web designer without having a basic understanding of CSS.

In WordPress, there are going to be instances where knowing CSS will make it much easier to debug technical problems on a site and work with media queries to keep the website working on all devices. Plus, having a good understanding of CSS allows web designers to understand popular frameworks like Bootstrap 4, Flexbox, and CSS Grids much faster.

6. Be Self Starters

The most influential web designers always take the initiative to solve problems without much instruction. They look at each business differently and spend time coming up with solutions that will work. They don’t just give up when the going gets tough. They push onward until the problem is solved to the best of their ability.

7. Have Passion

This goes for nearly every industry imaginable, but it’s so crucial to work with a web designer who is passionate about what they do. It’s a good sign you’ve found the right professional to work with when it seems like they could talk about their craft for hours without getting bored. Passion also motivates web designers to perform at their best and take more time to get the project they’re working on right the first time.

8. Know a Little Bit About JavaScript

JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages to learn. It’s useful for adding more functionality to websites. Having HTML and CSS on pages is quite nice, but having basic JavaScript skills allows web designers to do some really cool stuff on business websites like keeping track of how many people click on a button or add more interactivity on a page.

While web designers don’t need to be the biggest JavaScript experts, having some JavaScript knowledge comes in handy when there are problems to debug.

9. Be Constant Learners

There’s always room to improve in the field of web design. The best web designers are open to learning new things even after they’ve been working for years. There’s always something new in web design, and working with a reliable professional who is keeping up with these trends becomes valuable for many reasons, namely to keep your business website ahead of the pack in best web design practices.

10. Be Creative While Getting Inspired

The best web designers are highly creative but know where to get inspiration when they’re stuck. They are constantly looking at web designs and creating screenshots of the ones they like daily to refer back to. Not only that, but they are also masters of looking at your industry and seeing what can be done to make your site look 100x better than those of your competitors.

Their mastery of the fundamentals of web design also allows them to be more versatile in the designs they create and not get stuck in a rut so quickly.


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